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Monday, January 10, 2005

Will the Nazis Make a Comeback?

Are we drifting toward a repetition of Hitler’s National Socialism?

Germany is just one more piece of evidence that the rational minds of socialist planners are poor substitutes for God-given morality and individual responsibility. In Our Most Important Constitutional Right I wrote:

“The case can be made that, of all our rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, private property rights are the most important.? People who are secure in their own property can maintain their rights to free speech and other aspects of constitutional government.? People in a collectivized, socialistic government lose the will and the ability to fight for their rights.? They slowly sink into dependence upon the political state, the torpor that we saw as the Soviet Union collapsed.”

Today’s Wall Street Journal editorial about The German Disease and the op-ed piece Welfare Uber Alles by Daniel Schwamenthal ?provide some ponderable statistics. 

The editorial writers point out that an export trade surplus is no guarantee of domestic prosperity.  Despite being the world’s leading exporter, Germany suffers a rising unemployment rate now at 10.8%, roughly double the rate in the United States. 

Daniel Schwamenthal describes what amounts to a death wish that characterizes German socialism.  The main elements of Germany’s problems apply also to the Scandinavian countries and France.

It is not going very far out on a limb to say that, barring a sharp reversal of secularity and its religious doctrine of socialism, the European Union is doomed to ever greater collectivization of power in Brussels, as the EU planners struggle to deal with the economic cancer besetting its largest members.  With that tendency, it’s hard to see much good in France’s effort to make the socialist EU into a countervailing power to block the United States. 

We know that socialist planning leads to economic stagnation.  For further evidence, see Social Darwinism, French Style, also from today’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page.

As we saw with Germany in the 1930s, political societies suffering long-term economic woes become vulnerable to the inherent bias of socialism toward militarism and totalitarianism.  A strong-arm leader, beginning with Napoleon and continuing with Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, generally takes advantage of public misery to seize dictatorial power.

Hitler’s National Socialism and the USSR’s brand of socialism both manifested the inherent need of socialistic planned economies to expand via conquest in order to control markets and raw materials supplies.  In future decades, if the socialist EU continues its downward economic drift, it may become as dangerous a political foe for us as Al Queda is today.