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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Who Are We?

Please read “Who Are We?  The Challenges to America’s National Identity,” by Samuel P. Huntington. 

In scholarly, non-polemic fashion, Professor Huntington describes the disintegration facing the United States.  With today’s combination of large-scale and continuing immigration and anti-American doctrine in education, there is no longer a central core of beliefs that unites the formerly United States.


Huntington is Albert J. Weatherhead III University Professor at Harvard and chairman of the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies.  How he has survived without being denied tenure or being ousted from the university is a mystery.  Professors who hold the views expressed in this book usually are hauled before a faculty disciplinary committee version of Moscow’s show trials of the 1930s, facing charges by anonymous feminists, Hispanics, or some other special-interest group of creating “a threatening atmosphere” that interferes with teaching the catechism of the socialist religion.

As articles in this blog continually emphasize, liberals since the end of the Civil War have worked ceaselessly to destroy Christianity (which is Western civilization itself) and to impose the atheistic and materialistic religion of socialism.  As Professor Huntington notes, President Clinton made it official policy when he stated that “America needed a third ‘great revolution’ (in addition to the American Revolution and the civil rights revolution) to ‘prove that we literally can live without a dominant European culture.’  Attacks on that culture undermined the Creed that it produced, and were reflected in the various movements promoting group rights and against individual rights.”

No political association, even as small and remote as a central African tribe, has ever existed without a concept of its own traditions and religion, which define who is a member of the society and who is an outsider.  And no society ever has endured very long when that sense of identity has been lost.  20th century examples are the USSR and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Both were political entities that spanned hundreds of different language, racial, ethnic, and religious groups, united only by centralized administrations in Moscow and Vienna.  Such groups can be held together only by force of arms, or in Moscow’s case, by totalitarian terrorism.

Liberal-socialists can despise Christianity and ridicule the concept of morality, what they call value judgments.  But they cannot truthfully deny that the colonies of British North American were able to unite in 1776 to fight for political independence only by virtue of their common heritage of Christian morality and the belief in God-given natural law as a higher law to which political rulers are subject.  To become an atheistic, liberal-socialist society is to repudiate every aspect of the Constitution and to substitute for it the arbitrary diktats of socialist intellectuals.