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Thursday, May 22, 2014

While Obama And Kerry Slept

Posturing in a vain attempt to persuade Abbas et al to forego the Muslim aim to destroy Israel, then blaming Israel for failure of peace negotiations, may be great PR moves for Obama and Kerry with their liberal-progressive, anti-Israel fanatics.  But focusing on that effort to bludgeon Israel left them blindsided by Russia and China. 

The need is, not for the U.S. to engage in belligerent confrontation with Russia or China, but to abandon liberal-progressives’ fairy-land view of international relations.  Somebody, somewhere in the administration, ought to be continually looking as far ahead as possible to foresee potential problems and to anticipate the consequences of our own foreign policy.  Weakening our military capacities or reneging on commitments to our allies in the name of socialism’s fantasy of harmonious world government is dangerous and foolish.

The now consummated deal between Russia and China had been widely known for many months, except to Obama and Kerry, who get all their information, after the fact, from TV reports of problems, if we are to believe the excuses offered for the IRS’s criminal actions and mismanagement at VA hospitals.

Read David P. Goldman’s commentary on The New Sino-Russian Alliance.

Mr. Goldman writes, “I may have lost most of my remaining Republican friends for ridiculing the sanctions and saber-rattling at Russia over Ukraine. We spoke loudly and carried a small stick. What do you propose to do now, big talkers?”

No doubt, Obama and Kerry will solemnly intone, “There will be consequences,” a threat that foreign governments by now know is empty rhetoric.