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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Weather God Must Pay His Fair Share of Taxes

Al Gore, the great pagan god of weather, has become a billionaire promoting his lunatic weather prophesies.  To help balance the budget, he should pay his fair share of taxes.  Even if every penny of his ill-got gains were taxed away that would not begin to repay the world’s economic losses for which he is responsible.

All the climate evidence not fabricated by criminal climate “scientists” make it uncontrovertibly clear that there is and was no such phenomenon as man-made global warming.  The billions of dollars spent around the world on phony research and subsidies for alternative energy sources and green jobs have been a colossal waste.

New research documents weather over the last 2,000 years.  At least two periods in that time span experienced weather as warm as in the current period.  Courtesy of Benny Peiser, see these links:

David Whitehouse: Climate Warmer 1000 Years Ago.

Yet another paper demonstrates warmer temperatures 1000 years ago and even 2000 years ago.