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Friday, August 13, 2004

Return of Pharaoh, the God-King

To find a parallel in history to the attitudes fostered by liberal-socialism, we have to go back nearly 6,000 years to the Middle Eastern empires of Sumeria, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, and Persia.

Liberal-socialism is entirely outside the traditions of Western civilization.  It is a throw-back to the empires ruled by absolute despots who were regarded as gods themselves or the essential intercessors with the gods on behalf of the people. In those empires, people firmly believed that, without the divine intervention of their rulers, they would be at the mercy of unpredictable nature and that they would be overwhelmed by their enemies.

In ancient Egypt the Pharaoh was believed to be a descendant of the gods, with the power of life or death conferred upon him by the gods.  No Pharaoh, for example, would embark on a military expedition during the Spring period when the Nile river rose and flooded the farm lands, bringing rich soil to insure bountiful crops.  Egyptians believed that, if the Pharaoh were not present for the official temple ceremonies to intercede with his godly ancestors, the Nile flood might be a disaster and that the crops would fail.

In the same way, half or more of Americans today honestly believe that a liberal-socialist President has the powers to produce miracles.  The only difference between liberals and the ancient Egyptians is that liberals don’t bother with gods in the cosmos.  For them the only “god” is the socialist intellectual elite.  The effect on public understanding, however, is the same in ancient Egypt and modern socialism.

Today, after three quarters of a century of public education aimed at teaching students the secular religious faith of socialism, half or more of the population truly believe that the nation’s well-being is within the control of a single person, provided that the person is a liberal President.  Half or more of the nation believe that a liberal-socialist President has the powers to accomplish mutually exclusive economic results, in effect to be in two different places simultaneously. 

Liberals lack the historical knowledge and understanding to analyze liberal promises critically.  They have been taught only the doctrine of socialism.  If what a liberal-socialist President or political candidate promises sounds good, half or more of the people accept it as a done deal.  They firmly believe that social engineers directed by a liberal President can suspend the laws of nature, because human behavior is created and controlled by the political state.  They firmly believe that our nation’s economic well-being is the result of government policies and that the government, therefore, has the right to control and to apportion the output of goods and services in accordance with the egalitarian dogma of socialism.

They believe that a liberal-socialist President can raise personal income taxes on the people who save the most and provide the funds for investing in new job-creating investments, yet avoid a business down-turn.  They believe that a liberal-socialist President can raise business taxes, thereby cutting profits, yet cause the economy to boom.  They believe that a liberal-socialist President can create jobs here by forbidding American companies to cut costs using overseas labor, thus making them more vulnerable to loss of sales under the onslaught of foreign competitors. 

To put this in simpler terms: when American companies can sell more, they hire more people; when their sales are reduced by foreign competition, they must reduce costs by laying off workers or outsourcing jobs in order to lower selling prices and remain competitive with overseas producers.  Proposed liberal-socialist solution: increase American companies’ costs with higher taxes and by forcing them to use over-priced domestic union labor, thereby removing the profits needed to hire more workers, or even to survive against foreign competition.

And let’s not overlook the primitive socialistic doctrine that a nation becomes rich by running the Treasury’s printing presses and pumping more paper money into the economy than the volume of goods and services being produced.  A liberal-socialist Pharaoh-President will make you all rich and happy by committing to a national health system that ultimately will cost more than the government’s total revenues.  Half or more of the people, in effect, believe in alchemy, that a liberal-socialist president can create something from nothing, that he can turn dross into gold.

The irony is that liberal-socialism claims to be the only scientific, fully rational view of the world.  Yet, being a believer in this secular religion necessitates complete suspension of rational thought and blind acceptance of socialist dogma. 

Even arch-socialist Mussolini, one of the the models for President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal programs in the 1930s Depression, said that he doubted the success of FDR’s endeavors, because no nation ever had been able to inflate its way into prosperity.  Mussolini had the benefit of recent history in the 1920s inflation that destroyed the German economy when the socialist Weimar government used the same policies as the Roosevelt New Deal attempted, unsuccessfully, a decade later.  Today, after three quarters of a century of schooling in Keynesian, socialistic economics, half or more of Americans know nothing about what happened in the past and believe that being intelligent and well-educated requires belief in socialist dogma.

The dogma of socialism all tends in one direction: to be just, political societies must be ruled by intellectual elites, the priests of liberalism, who have the power to regulate things in their way.  Of course, you must understand, they are doing it for your own good, a matter they believe to be beyond your own poor capacities.

Following the lead of the Pharaoh-god rulers and their priestly advisors, liberals have begun a renewed struggle to impose their dogma on the people arbitrarily.  We see it in major social changes opposed by a majority of the people: abortion; same-sex marriage;  sex-education in schools to promote sexual promiscuity; complete elimination of spiritual religion and personal morality; and teaching that there is no right or wrong, that your desired end justifies any methods necessary. 

Repeatedly, in state-wide referenda, the public majority have rejected these barbaric departures from the spiritual values of Western civilization, our Judeo-Christian heritage.  But to no avail.  Pharaoh has spoken via the arbitrary power of socialist judges, and, as the Hollywood crowd says, “Get used to it!”