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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Redistribution And Mediocrity

In his 2004 campaign President Obama expressed the belief that income redistribution is a desirable policy for the Federal government.  As I have many times reminded readers,  redistribution of income and wealth, an essential goal of liberal-progressive-socialism, implicitly means making everyone equally poorer (see The Man Who Would Be God for a recent example).

Bruce Bawer in his report on the Front Page website, Socialism’s Cult of Mediocrity in Action, points out that the liberal-progressive-socialist focus on government-mandated equality of income and wealth also necessarily entails generalized mediocrity in academic and economic performance.

Sweden’s cradle-to-grave socialistic welfare state, for example, has produced some of the highest percentages in the world of workers who just don’t show up for work every week.  It has the highest percentage of people on permanent “disability” at full pay, people who candidly admits that they simply prefer that lifestyle to working for a living.  Swedes’ work output per capita is far behind the numbers in the United States, and the gap is widening each year.

Speaking of Ivy League graduates, former Harvard University President Derek Bok wrote, “Many seniors graduate without being able to write well enough to satisfy their employers. Many cannot reason clearly or perform competently in analyzing complex, non-technical problems, even though faculties rank critical thinking as the primary goal of a college education. Few undergraduates receiving a degree are able to speak or read a foreign language. Most have never taken a course in quantitative reasoning or acquired the knowledge needed to be a reasonably informed citizen in a democracy. And those are only some of the problems.”

What too many college students do get in brain-damaging abundance is courses such as feminist studies, black studies, Hispanic studies, and queer studies, none of which equips students to excel in anything other than Occupy Wall Street whine-ins.  In addition, students are taught, straight out of the Karl Marx playbook, that capitalistic excellence in business is oppression of the masses by greedy overlords.

All of this is attributable to the essential nature of liberal-progressive-socialism.  When several generations of any society have been schooled to believe that a good socialistic society is one in which it is wrong for individuals to strive for excellence, because communal equality in all respects is the best of all societies, lethargy and complacency will rule the day.