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Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscars’ Secular Standard

Hollywood’s “nuanced sensitivity” would would bring civil rights action by the ACLU if homosexuals or blacks had been the target.

A Reuters report headlined Edgy Chris Rock Brings New Tone to Oscars begins: 

“Sit your asses down!”

“With those four words, comedian Chris Rock brought a new tone to the Oscars that network executives and sponsors of the Academy Awards hope will lure back a bigger, younger TV audience to Hollywood’s biggest night.”

Later Mr. Rock belittled Mel Gibson’s movie about the final hours in the life of Jesus, “The Passion of the Christ.”  “I saw ‘Passion of the Christ.’ Not that funny, really,” he joked.

Mr. Rock’s flippancy was an affront to the Son of God and to the Christian community, the world’s largest body of religious believers. 

Needless to say, Hollywood’s secular, anti-American crowd loved it.  Unfortunately, Chris Rock is not an isolated aberration, but an accurate reflection of the secular mindset pervading the entertainment business and most of the so-called mainstream media.

When Harvard’s president Lawrence Summers speculates whether there are fundamental difference between men and women, tough-as-nails feminists are felled by the vapors and go into hysterics.  But they don’t bat an eye at obscene gestures to Jesus Christ or the very real historical nature of Christianity.

During the Oscar ceremonies, a tribute to the late Johnny Carson was aired.  With unintended irony, the commentator was sewer-mouth comedian Whoopi Goldberg.  Miss Goldberg’s crudity with the names of George Bush and Dick Cheney during the recent Presidential campaign at a Radio City fund-raiser prompted socialist and apostate Catholic Senator John Kerry fulsomely to declare that the entertainers who spoke at the rally reflected the ?heart and soul of our country.?

For anyone who remembers the nature of TV comedy during Mr. Carson’s heyday, the contrast with Miss Goldberg was startling.  Johnny Carson, along with all the other prime-time comedians of his era, made people laugh with clever dialog and funny situations.  Their sophisticated comedy didn’t require the crutch of four-letter words or presume that the audience were barely literate cretans.  Today’s comics, like Miss Goldberg and Chris Rock, too easily descend to the shock-value of foul language, crude allusions to bodily functions, and character attacks as their approach to comedy.

As if they had no choice, entertainment executives like Miramax’s Harvey Weinstein defend obscenities like Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” by saying that they are merely giving audiences what they want. Regrettably, after 35 years of decadence in public education under liberal-socialism, theirs may be a correct assessment.

Christians and religious Jews should pray that God will bring a return to morality in education and induce a change of heart in entertainment and media executives.