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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Millions For Propaganda; Not A Penny For Truth

Read George Soros’ War Against Fox News

Mr. Soros was a teenager in his native Hungary when it installed a communist regime.  Coming from that society’s liberal-progressive-socialist ethos, he moved to Great Britain.  There he attended the London School of Economics, a celebrated expositor of socialist doctrine.

Ironically, Mr. Soros is said to have been influenced by Karl Popper’s critique of “closed societies,” those under autocratic control.  That influence seems instead to have turned him in the direction of liberal-progressive-socialistic statism. 

Whatever the reasons, he clearly has abandoned his family’s Jewish religious roots and turned to the all-powerful political state as the only source of earthly good (for you and me).  As has been true of so many people who have made great fortunes in Wall Street - Robert Rubin and Jon Corzine among them - Mr. Soros unabashedly accepts the rewards of a capitalistic society, rewards unavailable, even to him, under the polity advocated by the Democrat/Socialist Party in the United States.