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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

His True Colors

Obama is our first black president, but he is also the first president who deliberately and repeatedly has played the race card to stoke class warfare and foment racial turmoil, purely for domestic political gains.  His conduct appears to be motivated by the same liberal-progressive-socialist urge to destroy our social and political fabric that motivated his friend and advisor Bill Ayers. 

Ayers, it will be recalled, was featured in a New York Times article, published ironically on 9/11, the day the Pentagon and the World Trade Towers were bombed by Al Queda.  In the Times article Ayers is quoted as stating the he had no regrets about organizing the student-radical Weatherman Underground, an organization that bombed public buildings and robbed and murdered innocent civilians, all in the name of “Death to Amerika; bring the [Vietnam] war home, and ice the pigs.” 

Obama and his racist Attorney General Eric Holder clearly absorbed Ayers’s animosity toward “the pigs” (police).

Read Obama’s Ferguson Dog and Pony Show, Jonathan Tobin’s article posted on the Commentary website.