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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Freudian Education

Sigmund Freud’s hedonistic theories permeate and taint the public education system.

The Supreme Court recently remanded to a lower court for further review a 1998 internet anti-porn law known as the Child Online Protection Act.  The act, astonishingly signed into law by President Clinton, would have authorized fines up to $50,000 for website operators who put images or text “harmful to minors” on the internet without appropriate safeguards to prevent access by minors.

As argued before the Court, the issue was First Amendment free speech.  The ACLU and others asserted, and five of nine Justices agreed, that freedom of expression is so important that essentially no restraints may constitutionally be placed on it.  As reported in the newspapers, little consideration was given to whether some kinds of speech and imagery are in fact harmful to young people.

Lurking in the background of the debate is the Freudian influence on Western civilization.  Sigmund Freud was hardly alone, but his was one of the most prominent voice espousing the ACLU’s position that any policy, law, or action that serves to destroy tradition and conventions of morality is scientific progress. 

Freudian psychology, coupled with John Dewey’s philosophical pragmatism and his progressive education theories, massively reshaped American education.  While the term is not ordinarily used, Freudian education is a useful label to provide perspective on one of the most destructive developments in modern education.

Because Freud captured the imagination of America’s literary lions, Freudian theories became widely known and highly fashionable in the early decades of the 20th century.  Alfred Hitchcock and other movie directors in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s gave the public numerous screen stories that presented Freudian terminology as unquestioned scientific fact.

The essential aspect of Freudian education is the belief that the ills of society are produced by the conflict between society’s ignorant and superstitious moral conventions and the true, sexual nature of humans.  The result is unresolved guilt that impairs human relations. 

Freud detested the Victorian moral standards of late-19th century Europe and aggressively shaped his theories to ridicule and discredit them.  As expressed in frequent letters to personal friends, Freud took delight in shocking prim Victorians by telling them that their dignified behavior was nothing more than repressed sexual urges, that under the surface all the men were secretly lusting to bed their mothers and sisters, while the women were driven by penis-envy of the men.  Christian civilization was all a sham, Freud said.  There was no such thing as morality, merely the sex drive.  We should not be looking upward for Divine guidance, but reaching for our crotches to unzip our trousers.

More recent scholarship has shown that most of what Freud reported as case studies and miraculous cures were pure fabrications.  This explains why Freud refused to permit his medical peers to review his case materials or to subject his methods to normal scientific standards of replication and testing.  The odds of being cured by Freudian analysis are about the same as the odds of winning the lottery.  In fact, so few people ever have been cured by Freudian analytical methods that most medical professionals today admit that the only real beneficiaries were the highly-paid psychiatrists.

Nonetheless, Freud’s influence continues undiluted, though few people today recognize the source of their misconceptions.  The result is a complex of contradictory positions with regard to education and what harms children.

On the one hand, we are told that children pay little attention to the rampant sex and violence they witness on all sides.  On the other hand, the ACLU is sensitively concerned and alarmed that some children are deeply wounded by being forced to hear “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Christians and religious Jews have no grounds for complaint, according to the ACLU, if omnipresent depiction of sex and violence offends them.  But under no circumstances must atheistic liberal-socialists be forced to endure the sight of menorahs, Stars of David, Christian crosses, or creches.

Movie and TV producers, video-game developers, and internet websites stoutly maintain that the gluttonous servings of raw sex and violence larding most of their fare have no ill effects on the young.  In any case, they say, they are merely providing the public want it wants.  Translated, this means that however many parents oppose this, there are enough people viewing it to bring in huge box office and advertising revenues.  Since no boycotts have succeeded in deterring those who do like this sort of thing, producers see no reason to heed parents who object.  Their rejoinder is, it’s your kids and your business to keep them from watching.

But that doesn’t work when Freudian attitudes invade the public schools.  So-called sex-education teaches pubescent children how to engage in pre-marital sex.  No-questions-asked dispensation of condoms delivers the unmistakable message that sexual promiscuity is OK, in fact expected by the authorities.  Children are taught that it is unscientific to declare actions good or bad, right or wrong.

Put all this together, and we have a Freudian educational system engineered to implement the dictates of the ACLU.  The result has been illegitimate birth rates higher than ever before experienced in the history of the world.  Males feel free to impregnate immature young women and walk away, patting themselves on the back for being “real men.”  According to some sources, roughly half of all children in the United States now grow up without fathers living at home with them. 

None of this should surprise us.  What else could we expect from a society and an educational system permeated with the belief that hedonism is simply fidelity to the essence and truth of human nature?  The ACLU and the teachers’ unions stand up and cheer for this; politicians who want to stay in office follow suit; and Federal judges trained in the Ivy League’s trade schools of socialism strike down any legal attempts to restrain it.  Anyone questioning it is denounced as repressive or ignorant, or labeled a Nazi.

Posted by Thomas E. Brewton on 07/06 at 09:04 PM
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