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Wrong Again

Senator Charles Schumer is either an economic ignoramus, or he is just performing the usual Democrat/Socialist Party obeisance to the welfare state and labor union extortion.

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    Off-Shoring is facilitated by out-sourcing. Out-sourcing is encouraged by federal statutes, regulations, and international "agreements".

    For instance, the guy who went over the edge and rammed the IRS offices in Texas was an entrepreneur negatively affected by Rule 1706, put into place about the same time as Simpson-Mazzoli and the removal of "not for identification purposes" from socialist insecurity kkkards.

    Tax changes enacted late in the Carter and early in the Reagan admin drove a jump in out-sourcing at the beginning of 1983, according to articles in the Monthly Labor Review.

    Creation of the H-1B visa, and expansion of student visas at the behest of NFS, were explicitly intended to drive down compensation to STEM workers, in particular for those with PhDs. And now they've extended internship provisions of student visas and created several exemptions to visa limits to further tilt the field against US citizens in these fields. At least some believe that GATS requires at least a certain amount of cross-border body shopping.

    Body shopping continues to worsen, and both domestic and cross-border body shopping/ out-sourcing/ contingent employment continue to facilitate off-shoring. It does so by several mechanisms, the primary ones of which boil down to facilitating and encouraging transfer of knowledge from US citizens to non-citizens here and abroad, with no commensurate compensation to the US citizens.

    Other congress-critters have proposed some of the measures Schumer is talking about, and some of them are totally appropriate. US citizens should know where their personal private information is being (improperly and without our permission, no, contrary to our explicit prohibition) disseminated, and they should know with whom they're talking and who is mucking through that personal private information during business contacts over the phone. Properly, they should know where they sleep and eat to within a couple feet, and how much change they have in their pockets, and their full medical dossier, on the basis of turnabout being fair play.
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