The View From 1776

Wishful Thinking in the Senate

Liberals still offer no realistic plan to deal with Iraq.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) on 01/30 at 12:11 AM
  1. I haven't studied it really closely, but I don't think the Democrats are saying "keep doing the same thing for an undetermined period of time". When Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha recently visited al Maliki, they discussed how important it was for the Americans to take a more 'cameo-type' role and for the Iraqi military to take charge. I think this is the correct approach.
    Posted by Frank Staheli  on  01/30  at  12:59 AM
  2. Mr. Staheli, I don't disagree with your take on the latest Democratic stance. But how, even in the slightest degree, does that differ from what the Bush administration has tried to do for the past couple of years? It is not a new plan in any respect.
    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/30  at  02:36 AM
  3. I believe the Liberal 'failure' mentality in Iraq has been successful for two reasons:

    First, the Press is Liberal and the American public has not heard enough about the real circumstances that led up to this war. The fact that it cost almost 650,000 billion to the US taxpayer to "contain" Sadam Huessein, while France, Russia, and China were selling him illegal weapons for oil under the nose of the American military...and many other broad circumstances that compromised US and World security.

    Secondly,President Bush and the Republican Party have failed to present the facts and the message with the same fervor the Left has undermined the same. The Republicans lost the battle in the Press, and consequently, our military efforts have been thwarted by politically correct war strategy. Had the commanders been able to run this war and kill those they needed to, like Al Sadr, we wouldn't be in this situation. The Left will happily lose this war to regain the Presidency and surrender our sovereignty to the radical socialist, communist world progressives.

    Conservatives tend to keep to themselves and have not organized at the grass roots like the Left. I fail to understand how our Republican Senators and Congressman have allowed the Left to define them....they have been cowards. The Republican Party has lost its backbone. I believe public opinion has been shaped by the liberal media with hysterical propaganda. I agree with what Madison said in Federalist #10, that the purpose of our Republican government was to cultivate the best and the brightest, civil servants with loyalty and integrity to protect our form of government. That the biggest threat to the democratic process is the power of an ill-informed, demagouged mass of citizens who will be enticed to vote for their own self-interests before the interests of a free and stable republic.

    I fear today for the future of my country.
    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  01/30  at  09:54 AM
  4. The only 'interesting' thing about the Demos is they criticize only our leadership and actions. I have yet to hear a single criticism of the enemy. Priority? Loyalty? John 'Benedict' Kerry? Teddy? Pelosi? Et al?

    They could not have won World WarII. NOT!

    They have no vision because they have no criteria that rises higher than their egoistic carnal belly-button. Anyone can criticize. It takes no intelligence. Nothing man-made is perfect. The humanistic socialist regressives can't think their way out of a paper-bag. (Talk about room for criticism!) The free-riders own the Demo Party - and have ever since they drop-kicked Mr. Jefferson, and his 'the Creator,' out the back-door!

    The Demos still do not recognize we are in a war for survival and it may last for decades. Add: Since there are no mind-readers in that group, they can never know what the enemy will do. That has been true of every war and every leadership! That is why loyalty to Principle is the 'way to go' in any and all decision- and choice-making. But, it is hard to give up a hobbling Ego...and go with Principle. Only statesmen will do that. All others 'wanna be liked'...and elected.

    In the meantime, a war on the defensive cannot win. We must be on the offense - and stay there!

    "Man cannot make or invent or contrive principles. He
    can only discover them and he ought to look through the
    discovery to the Author." -- Thomas Paine 1797

    Principle is another name for Criteria of choice. JFB

    semper fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  01/30  at  01:13 PM
  5. One has to keep in mind that if we made a mistake it was after we won the war against Saddam. When we said we would support the new Government and basically let them call most of the shots for engagement, we didn't expect al-Qaeda, Iran, Syria and others to decide a democratic Iraq was such a threat to them.

    Maybe we should have but, the appearance was that the vast majority of Iraq's people were going to work to have a democratic government and so we gave that government a lot of power ove what we could and couldn't do. Hindsight is wonderful.

    We now know that A)the enemies of democracy were going to oppose a democratic Iraq; B)we know now that the Iraq government didn't have as much support as we thought it would; C) we now know that al-Qaeda, Iran and Syria would pour all they could into an attempt to keep that democracy from happening; D) we now also know that as the GOP was warned, the socialist leadership of the Democratic party would do all they could to let the enemy know which vehicles to bomb, that we didn't have full body armor and try to convince them our troops were weak, demoralized, undermanned, and poorly led and that they could beat us.

    That last is called giving "aid and comfort" to the enemy and used to be treason. They were to argue any concerns they had out behind closed doors and once a decision was reached, present a united front to the enemy when they spoke on the nightly news instead of constantly giving the enemy hope.

    That last item is probably more responsible for the loss of military lives in Iraq than any other factor for when you give an enemy hope, they keep coming and coming and coming. Socialists are the biggest enemy of America in all aspects of our nation's government.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  01/30  at  09:56 PM
  6. FRANK: I haven
    Posted by James Veverka  on  01/31  at  12:23 AM
  7. Choicemaker said:

    >They could not have won World WarII.

    That is ridiculous. It was a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT that engineered America to its victory.

    Not only that, the Nazi war machine and Japan's crusade across the Pqacific were real threats to our borders. Vietnam wasn't. Iraq isn't.
    Posted by James Veverka  on  01/31  at  12:30 AM
  8. Lynn wrote:

    >The Republican Party has lost its backbone.

    It lost its backbone when it let the religious right define it.

    The last time I voted for a Republican was in 1996. They now give me the mumbo-jumbo creeps with their pharisaical dung.
    Posted by James Veverka  on  01/31  at  12:35 AM
  9. Today's liberals couldn't have won world war II. Today, socialists lead the Democratic party and that is a lot different from the Democratic party of WWII even though even then, they were beginning us on the road for socialism that will bankrupt the nation. Everyone thinks Bush is the major cause of spending increase but, mandatory entitlement spending tied to COLA has been the largest increases. Just three departments now comprise 64% of the budget and that is Treasury with the interest on the debt of $440 billion then you have social security at $625 billion and the biggest, Health and Human Services at $695 billion

    Just those 3 departments is over 500 billion in increased spending since 2001 and that doesn't include the $50 billion for food programs in the Dept. of Ag.

    Also, we can't "demand" anything from Iraq nor could we have chosen their Constitution for them. Once the new government, even the temporary was put in place and we turned the nation over to them, they were once again a sovereign nation and we were just an ally. That was necessary to show we weren't an "occupying army." However, it also meant they called most of the shots of how hard and where and who we could hit.

    Our goal was to let them become a nation that would resolve differences through democratic government and since they were a Muslim nation than they had a right to base their laws on religion just as we had several states with state religions here until 1833 and in New Hampshire, you had to be a protestant to be governor until 1877.

    12 of our thirteen states had state religions at the beginning of the nation and it has never been unconstitutional for a state to have a state religion as long as the state constitution didn't prohibit it. They all do now but it was the majority in each state that amended their constitution and did away with state religions, not the Courts and not the Federal Government. We had our own civil war too, so even that isn't too surprising considering the division we had with our founding and the division they had.

    Hindsight now reveals much that couldn't have been anticipated. Al-Qaeda, Iran and Syria are all desirous of the oil wealth that can fund each of their own goals and a democratic Iraq is the main threat, not just a U.S. presence.

    Also, Iraq and Saddam did have meetings with al-Qaeda. Can you say that since he was Sunni that none of the 8,000 terrorists that were trained at the 3 camps run by the Republican Guard didn't join al-Qaeda? Can you deny he was harboring Zarqawi? Regardless, the claim wasn't made that Iraq had a connection to 9-11 by Bush. That was just some people, media, and others that tried to make that connection. Iraq was for different reasons and it was definitely justified just because of the violations of the cease-fire in the ongoing war. Even Clinton bombed him for violations and promised we would return if he didn't stop the violations. You do remember Clintons address to the nation and that promise, don't you?

    However, I believe the real reason we resumed the 10 year war, was Saddam starting to sell oil in Euros to weaken our dollar, I do believe we were totally justified in resuming the war since he was breaking every term of the cease-fire. Remember, he was shooting at our military, funding terrorist suicide bombers and bragging openly of it, had attempted to assassinate a U.S. President and was still doing the "plasma enrichment research" right under the noses of the U.N. who didn't even know about the people involved because they were focused on the "old" nuclear scientists.

    We immediately switched the sale of oil back to dollars but, now we have Iran, Venezuela and other nations trying to weaken the dollar so we really didn't gain anything. I did notice that two days after Iran announced it would start selling some of its oil in Euro's, we requested another aircraft carrier go to the Persian Gulf to, in their words, "threaten" Iran.

    In 1971 we made the deal with the devil when we agreed to protect OPEC nations that would sell their oil in dollars so we could go totally of the Bretton Woods policy and its policy of letting foreign nations sell us their dollar holding for our gold holdings. We dropped from 649 million ounces of gold in Fort Knox in Dec. 1941 to 147 million ounce by the time we abandoned Bretton Woods and used the sale of oil in dollars to create the demand for dollars by all nations buying oil from OPEC that kept our dollar's value up.

    There is a good article on that by Rep. Ron Paul called "The end of Dollar Hegemony" that explains our monetary policy. However, ever since that deal we have been "Saudi Arabia's ally" and also have meddled in Middle-eastern affairs.

    Posted by JanPBurr  on  01/31  at  02:07 AM
  10. But, you can't very well get on TV and say you are finally going back to war because he was selling oil in Euros even if that was the reason. That would be like inviting panic selling of the dollar because you would be the same as saying our dollar is worthless without oil sales being in dollars. That is also why you won't hear the dollar mentioned with Iran even though that is deliberate attack on our economy. It can't be used as an acceptable basis for war, so, you have to find other reasons to intervene if you can. I don't think we will attack Iran but, Israel might and then we would "support" them possibly. Or if the U.N. does what they did with Iraq and authorize force, then maybe we would attack Iran. But, Iraq was a "no brainer" because you had him violating the cease fire which by itself was justification and then you also had the U.N. authorization of force. You didn't even have to mention the dollar.

    Neither party is leading this nation back to the Constitution. That is why, I believe, we are seeing more and more talk about the Constitution Party and the Libertarians in districts around the nation. I think you will see some Independent, Constitution Party and possibly Libertarian Congressmen in 2008 or 2010. 85% were dissatisfied with Congress just before the Nov. election and I doubt many will be that satisfied in 2008 either.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  01/31  at  02:09 AM
  11. The Liberal Democrat, President Roosevelt, deserves a only singular credit for victory in WWII: He kept his big mouth shut about military matters, and left it all to miilitary experts; the military. His 'engineering' was strictly political. Unlike Lyndon Johnson, Liberal Democrat, who along with Secretary McNamara, micro-managed the Vietnam military field decisions from a posh office in DC, producing failure, in spite of never having lost a military engagement.

    Military decisions in Iraq have been made by the military, and, the moon-god crowd makes their own predictably dumb, but unpredictable, choices.

    Our military leadership knows you can never win any war by staying on the defensive. We must choose to go, and stay on, the offensive. Winning takes guts. Today's Demos seek 'peace' and compromise. Cowardice needs a camo of virtue. And, it is a view that is out-of-sync with reality: "Peace is not a Cause; It is an Effect."

    Today's Democratic Party patty-cake cannot win over the moon-god crowd. No guts. They could never have won World War II. I know. I was there.

    semper fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  01/31  at  01:20 PM
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