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“Truthiness” and Secular Education

The “truthiness” of secular education is the common link among Michael Moore, Teddy Kennedy, Jack Abramoff, and the parade of literary fraud in periodicals and books.

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  1. Samuel B. Pettengill, Democratic Congressman from Indiana, 1930-1938, was another kind of Old Right stalwart, a Cleveland Democrat. He was a vocal critic of the New Deal and published a detailed attack on its economic policies and "planning" in 1940.

    In 1944, he warned that communism wanted America to spend itself into bankruptcy and was striving in every way to get Americans to become very dependent on a centralized government. He gave to his fellow members of the House of Representatives the 12 points of the Socialist Manifesto for the economic destruction of free governments.

    In order to prepare a nation for socialism or communism he said that the 12 Points of the Communist Manifesto must be implemented. One of these points concerned education:

    11.The education of the youth of the nation is taken under control to the end that all may, at an early age, be inoculated with a spirit of submission to the system and of reverence for the benevolent leader.

    As with other points, federal infiltration into the education syste (a state
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  2. What a bunch of gobbly gook nonsense that does not apply.
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