The View From 1776

Obama Newspeak

You can’t rely upon what the President tells you, because he continually changes the clear meaning of what he declared previously.

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  1. Dear Jan & Heidi and...,

    I greatly appreciate your calling our attention to the need
    for attention to 'the Front Line;' the battle with Obama and his liars. As a former combat Marine
    in two wars, you got mine!

    As a civilian, Christian, school teacher, I was standing in line
    at a local post office. At 40, smoking a cigarette, I began to think
    (again) that I should quit smoking. After 22 years of smoking,
    I thought, "If I were to mail my habit, where would I mail it?" I
    didn't want to mail it to another state or city: I might drive there
    someday on vacation and have a nicotine fit! Hmmm. I saw an
    ash tray at the counter and wondered, "Where do they dump it?"
    If they dumped it in a waste basket, they might have a fire.

    When the line moved forward and my turn to do business at the
    counter came, I put the cigarette out in the ash tray, and mailed
    my habit to the bottom of the sea.

    (I would never drive there on vacation and maybe have a nicotine fit.)

    I left the post office a non-smoker. I never went through a withdrawal
    of desire. I have never smoked another cigarette so much as 'a drag.'

    At 84, why am I telling you gals this?

    Every time I use the bathroom, I will flush Satan and his lying minions to
    the bottom of the sea, in the Name which is above every name: JESUS.
    (I am currently on 'water pills' so that is a lot.) And, it works well! I will
    encourage other flushers to make those times count! Praise the Lord!

    Jim Baxter
    Sgt. USMC
    WWII & Korean War
    semper fidelis

    + + +
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  07/17  at  09:33 AM
  2. Tom,

    Can you give us a "for instance?"
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  3. Tom,

    He needs help.

    He can't read, or watch TV, and he has no criteria to evaluate what BO or you say...

    Please help him, Tom.
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  07/17  at  07:11 PM
  4. Mr. Jay:

    Try these links:
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  5. Mr. Brewton,

    The article you gave me quoted Obama as saying that the decision whether to prosecute the Bush folks for misdeeds would be made by the justice department. People assumed that this meant no prosecutions, but that is not what Obama said. The article said that Obama had the ability to say things that both sides of a question could take some comfort in - but this is hardly the same thing as changing the meaning.

    Please note, however, that unlike Bush who NEVER would admit to any change in point of view, changing one's mind, when confronted with new data is wise rather than a mark of fault.

    If you disregard ice bergs that appear on the horizon, you risk repeating the fate of the Titanic's captain.
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