The View From 1776

Liberal Tolerance

New York Times’s hiring Willam Kristol as a columnist reveals the the true level of liberal-progressive-socialist tolerance and scientific readiness to examine all the facts.  Read about it in the City Journal website.

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  1. They have no tolerance. They are so filled with "hate" for anybody that disagrees with them that they can't think straight.

    However, Kristol is part of the problem and why we are where we are (a very small part of the problem as a neo-con), but, I sure don't hate him. I like him as a person because he speaks his mind. I may disagree with him on policy but so what? Is that a reason to call him names?

    Don't those folks using that kind of language have any "love" or "respect" or "manners" in them?
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  01/04  at  08:10 PM
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