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Liberal-Progressive Education For Socialism

Obama’s now notorious dismissal of individual effort in building our economy captures a principal aspect of John Dewey’s early 20th century ideas about progressive education.  What Dewey called “education for democracy” was intended to steer educators away from teaching hard subjects.  They were instead to spend their time on group projects emphasizing collective effort rather than individual excellence. 

What David Riesman later in The Lonely Crowd called the inner-directed, individualistic personality was to give way to the outer-directed, go-with-the crowd personality beginning to appear in the 1950s.  Group-think was to prepare unsophisticated young students for life in the “good socialist society” that liberal-progressives confidently anticipated in the 1920s and 30s, the socialized society that liberal-progressive Franklin Roosevelt imposed upon us during his 1930s Great Depression.

I’m indebted to Frank Madarasz for the link to Honey, You Didn’t Build That, a film clip that depicts the education goals of liberal-progressive-socialism.

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  1. Thomas,

    In taking the now-famous quote out of context, the point of the intended argument was twisted 180 degrees. The GOP paints government as the enemy of the businessman, whereas the Democrats point out that in providing roads, bridges, police and an educated workforce society provides the infrastructure that allows and promotes the business man in his success.

    Pretend we dropped Joe Entrepreneur, all by himself, into the trackless jungles of Africa and said, "OK, Joe, go ahead. Build your business here." Obviously, no matter how hard working, brilliant and conservative he was, without roads and bridges to bring in materials or ship out product, without a government to protect him from marauding bandits, it would be highly unlikely that he would succeed in building a business there.

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  2. Let's pretend that we're dropping Obama into the trackless jungles of Africa, along with as many liberal-progressives as you wish to provide. Would government ab initio be able to do anything at all?

    My guess is that Joe Entrepreneur would be many times more successful than Obama & Co.

    The historical fact is that individuals built governments, not the other way around. Obama's existence as would-be socialist dictator is impossible without all the work done by individuals in the past acting on their own initiative with no guidance whatever from government.
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  4. Thomas,

    Of course governments are created by men. (The obverse of that statement is non-nonsensical)

    Without government you have anarchy. Nothing can prosper under conditions of anarchy.

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