The View From 1776

Keynesian Philosophical Assumptions

Keynesian macroeconomics is inconceivable without Darwinian evolution and secular socialism.

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  1. My, my, my! Such a torrent of words to damn evolution, Keynesianism, progressive thought, abortion, etc., etc, - and to realize that they are all part of the same nefarious plot! This sounds a lot like Glen Beck, who has a gift of tying every little thing he notices, no matter how trivial, into a giant conspiracy theory.

    Did you hear that he is now accusing the George Bushs, both junior and senior, of conspiring not to bomb Babylon during the Iraq wars to keep it in tact for the coming Caliphate that will be the seat of evil that is coming shortly!

    Making a link between Darwin and Keynes is a new twist, and I have to give you credit, Thomas, for ingenuity, even as your theories approach closer to nuttiness.
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  2. For a theory to be scientific, it must be fallible
    Posted by looisbrown  on  02/14  at  11:27 PM
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