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IWW - Organized Crime in the Labor Market

Liberals have long sentimentalized the IWW as a rollicking, happy-go-lucky bunch who merely bargained for justice in the form of better wages and working conditions.  In fact, however, the IWW was nothing more than labor gangsterism, aimed officially at destroying our Constitutional government.

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  1. You'll have a tough time equating the goals of the IWW with anything that happened in Russia; the abolition of the wage system-which is what the IWW ultimately seeks- was never even on the table with the Bolshies or any other Marxist-Leninist revolution. Lenin ordered the IWW to dissolve and join the AFL to "bore from within", but we thumbed our collective nose at him and continued industrial unionism. In the '20s a delegation was sent by the IWW to investigate what had happened in Russia, and it returned with the news that no workers' revolution had transpired.
    Face it: you're a reactionary who blogs for the ruling class.
    Posted by Benjamin Ferguson  on  01/01  at  01:30 PM
  2. Maybe you should contact the FBI and warn them about the IWW before they attack us. God only knows its a matter of time before they start planting bombs in our democratic workplaces and bring chaos, lawlessness, and prostitution to our good christian communities. They have already taken over Hollywood now these IWW'ers want to destroy our way of life. They probably wont do it themselves though but rather pay some cheap illegal Mexicans to carry out their sabotage. I own 2 factories in the beautiful state of Texas and all my workers get decent good paying jobs thanks to me. Stay safe.

    God Bless America!
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  3. There is a certain global corporation that is running scared of the IWW at the moment. It would pay good money for the dissemination of black propaganda of this nature on the web. How's your bank account, Brewte? Get on the payroll if you're not there already. Nobody ever went broke defending the rich from the poor.
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  4. I've posted a response to what you've said on my blog at:

    And I'm proud to be a wobbly, because we believe that workers are not slaves to their bosses and always have the RIGHT to strike. One of our most precious of our God-given human rights is the right to not be compelled to work against your will. Thank God, that despite all of the repression, the IWW is still around!
    Posted by J. M. Branum  on  01/05  at  12:05 AM
  5. "Looking at the record, however, and the exact congruence with the IWW
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  6. Wow Mr. Thomas Brewton is really retarded.

    Not only does he post about an organization which hes knows nothing about...he never even joined it to find out more about it...he never officially contacted the IWW to get an official response from them. Here is someone who screams about "Liberal Hollywood", "Liberal Media", etc and their propaganda but hypocritically does the same exact thing. Then when members of the IWW hear about his biased article and post a response he then goes on to scream that they are attacking him. Nice propaganda job there. Too bad the Nazi's Third Reich isn't still around as Thomas Brewton could easily get a job under Joseph Goebbels.

    IWW > Thomas Brewton
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  7. PS - I forgot to mention. Anyone can join the IWW at anytime and quit anytime too. Unlike other unions that force you to pay union dues.
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  8. IWW Workers in Lawrence strike confronted by state militia.

    IWW Workers in Bisbee forced from their homes by Copper Mine Trusts and their local police.

    Who had the guns? Who were the violent ones? Who were the unamericans? Who were the ones that were shot at...beat up...killed...and hung for just being members of a union?
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