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Intelligent Design: the Current Situation

Phillip E. Johnson reviews the background and recent developments in Darwinian efforts to prevent open discussion of their evolutionary hypothesis.

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  1. "Another factor that makes evolutionary science seem a lot like religion is the evident zeal of Darwinists to evangelize the world, by insisting that even non-scientists accept the truth of their theory as a matter of moral obligation."

    I'm reminded of a Pakistani cleric's recent rejection of zealous western health workers' attempts to get non-scientific locals to accept the truth that polio vaccines are good for your health:
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  2. I just finished reading "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. Although there is much interesting in it, and some excellent food for thought as well as challenges to my faith (which I can confidently answer), I can't help but think that evolutionists have a large blind spot--actually two.

    1) Because they have made up their mind that there is no God, they have developed a huge prejudice that would let them get a glimpse of so much more of life if they realized that the prejudice is creating their blind spot.

    2) Much like one of the main points that you make in this post, I think that while they mock the faith that religious (particularly Christian) people have because we don't know every detail about God, heaven, and eternity, they exhibit a similarly great deal of faith themselves in the things they don't know about their science, but which they expect to be true if we just give ourselves time to find out.

    I believe there is some truth in evolution, although what exactly that is is yet to become known, just like I believe there is something to be said for Intelligent Design. If we must throw out ID from public school curricula because it is faith-based, so must we throw out evolution. I suggest, however, that we allow both of them to be taught, side by side, and let each individual become greater through his or her personal quest to know what really is.

    The scientists' inability to feel comfortable with ID being taught in the schools is very reminiscent of how they are attempting to quash the debate about Global Warming.
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  3. Your readers should read the comments relative to this article in The Conservatie Voice(Feb.26,2007) It is still available for readers on TCV of your criticism of evolution and Richard Dawkins.
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