The View From 1776

Immigration: A Different Perspective

Steve Kellmeyer presents a thought-provoking interpretation that hovers somewhere between cynicism and conspiracy-theory.

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  1. Interesting theory, but ultimately flawed. Also, lifted right out of Thomas Barrett's book: The Pentagon's New Road Map.

    Our government is simply not that prescient nor motivated with regard to the future. More to the point, how does that help them to stay in power now (their grandkids can fill their own power vacuum). Yes, they want their kids to stay on top, but they know such a scheme is too hard to control twenty years out and could shift the power so much that the reigning power would be Hispanic.

    The other flaw in this theory is that it tries to explain a phenomenon in terms of conditions that did not prevail at the time the mass migration began. Mexicans have been steadily coming to this country since Pancho Villa's raids, growing more with each passing year. This trend long before their was any evidence our population would peak. Some people would like to turn weakness into strength, and that's all this theory seems to do.
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