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Government-Imposed Uncertainty Deepens The Recession

Repeated Federal interventions in the economy make businessmen fearful of what the government may do next.  And that fear prolongs recessions.

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  1. It's really incredible. If history shows anything it shows that arbitrary, off the cuff attempts at micro-managing the economy through poorly thought out and ideologically driven assumptions is a recipe for disaster. Apparently, the President is not as 'smart' as he thinks he is. It looks like history and economics were classes he skipped while no attempts were made at self-education. In his world central planning and top down control are still acceptable methods of maintaining the atmosphere for economic growth and wealth creation.He doesn't seem to understand that the rule of law, fixed and divorced from the whims of the arbitrary state is the first priority. Government does not create jobs it is only a cost to the productive sector and will serve it's own short term interests if allowed to overstep it's bounds. His advisors are academics, holdovers from the last demcocratic administration with little real world experience still attached to a kind of 'vulgar keynesianism' which only provides the rationale for a larger and more inefficient state fixated on vote buying and building a kind of corporatism which has never functioned properly for long. The record is clear although sadly, it doesn't serve his purposes and he will ignore that record. Obama is a red-diaper baby, an ideological troglodyte. Personally, I think he's an empty-headed a fool and his 'budget cuts' announced yesterday prove the point.
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  2. Fortunately, Tom C. is being proved wrong with some glimmerings in a revival of the economy, his employment of vulgar Keynesianism, notwithstanding.

    A challenge to Tom:

    What benchmark of the economy would you accept as evidence that the economy has recovered?

    Drop in unemployment?
    Successive quarters of growth?
    Dow over 9,000?
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  3. Earnings growth. Employment growth. Capital formation through savings. Higher interest rates signalling the requirement for PRIVATE investment in business expansion. A stable money supply. That's how the real world works. What are your 'glimmers'? are they real or just the mirage of governmnet intervention and manipulation? When the s&p 500 hits 950-1000, sell and go short, absent any change in current policy. A little inflationary boom would certainly not be unexpected in this environmnet. Good for the banks, good for the state short term, but poison for the real economy long term.
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  4. Those are good points and sadly both parties have relied on the CFR and Trilateral commission for cabinet members and advisers on economic and monetary issues. President Bush was just as bad as this President when it comes to understanding the need for stable monetary and economic policy.

    Our financial system is based on a ponzi scheme which requires and ever expanding debt to keep the illusion of growth going. Neither party has had leadership that seems to really understand economic and monetary requirements and their reliance on these supporters of a debt based economy are not causing us to all pay a very heavy price that will continue or be delayed and then be even worse.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  04/22  at  05:54 PM
  5. You realize that commisions like the CFR or the Trilateral are almost irrelevant when self-serving, short sighted polticians and bureaucrats have keynes to justify their idiocy. Conspiracies are almost unnecessary when you've got folks believing in crack-pot economics.
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