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God Is Closer Than You Know

A Christmas reminder: Jesus, Immanuel, means God with us.

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  1. There are some who say, yes, Jesus existed and was crucified. But, the 500 that saw him after he was buried were seeing a "man." The claim various reasons for his not actually dying and that after three days was able to have enough return of strength to rise.

    Did any one every try to "walk around," after 3 days after having stepped on a nail, let alone having a spike driven through both feet?

    However, whether or not there is a God, or Jesus rose from the dead, there are forces that govern life we will never understand. We can't even understand the force that can take matter, the same matter found in the dust of the earth, and create a life form with it. Whether it is a tree, grass, fish, animal or person, the force that makes that life form alive, even though comprised of simple matter, can't be duplicated by man. The best we can do is "clone" life from life.

    We also know that all the forces of nature are consistent and apply no matter whether you are on earth or on the moon or Mars as a "land rover" guided from earth.

    Another thing we don't understand is "intelligence." Even some plants have sensing ability that allow them to trap prey or emit chemicals a proper times. We have people who seem to understand things others don't even though of equal education and intelligence. Then there are psychics police have used that can take a piece of evidence and "see" things that help the police.

    We know that in the human mind, an electrical force is used to pass sensor input to storage cells. What we don't know is how much power those signals have outside the body. Are they also emitting a radio type signal so low we can't detect it with man made detectors but, some minds can? What is a "spirit?" What is a "soul?" Why do even the most primative cultures, as well as the most advanced have both doubters as well as the "faithful" that a God or gods exist? Why do most cultures believe in some type of after life, including reincarnation, i.e. that life or the force that creates life forms, can't be destroyed?

    Maybe we don't understand God, but we can see all kinds of evidence there are forces and powers and intelligence we can't understand fully. Whatever God is, He is close to us because we see the evidence daily of His closeness. For some, like me, we desire a "personal relationship" with God. But, until you have actually lived that type of relationship, I don't believe you can understand it and most can't believe it can be real. Prior to that they can only "hope" for salvation and eternal life.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  12/25  at  09:35 PM
  2. He is closer than close.

    He said each individual who would choose Him would become a temple into which He would come and dwell. That, and His superiority of Person, will bump your natural carnal-ego right out the backdoor. Permanently.

    He is Worthy.

    The man-made alternatives are dirt-poor cheap.

    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  12/26  at  01:53 AM
  3. Consider:

    There are more than 300 Old Testament scriptural references regarding the precise definition fulfilled only by The Messiah - New Testament.

    Y'shua Jesus fulfilled every single one.

    Praise the Lord!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 AD !
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  12/26  at  01:51 PM
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