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Debunking Paul Krugman

The most accurate thing we can say about the New York Times’s star economics propagandist is that he is a liar.

Read this analysis, which I found linked on the Maggie’s Farm website.

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  1. Oops! Facts can be very troubling when brought to light.

    However, I will say that both parties now seem determined to fund all the social programs they can. I believe the GOP is doing it to deliberately bring things to a head.

    Romney in the two last speeches said this economic turmoil wasn't normal, said we were gong to become a "France" type nation, would be passed as a global power, and that we would become a 2nd tier nation. Why?

    The Fed will try to delay the crisis until the democrats are in power (that is the real reason I believe Romney quit, he saw what is coming) and then raise rates claiming inflation requires it and crash the economy like Volkker did with his rate hikes (they will be needed but, the goal is to do it so the Democrats look bad). Then they GOP will try to sweep back to power in 2012 under Romney. He will run those videos of his speeches and say, "see, I warned you."

    However, I think the GOP is overestimating the voters to return them to power. I don't think they will. They will find a new, totally unheard of party and independents which are the majority will sweep it to power past both parties as many from both parties leave them and join the new "centrist" party.
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