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Canceling the New York Times

Maggie’s Farm states it perfectly:  “But I have had enough of their propaganda, their selective choice of facts, their tilting of front page stories, their condescension, the smugly virtuous attitude, the predictably party-line editorials, and their embarassing op-ed bozos: no longer the “newspaper of record,” but a loyal?arm of the left wing of the Democratic Party stuck in the moldy?rhetoric of the 1960s and the moldy statist politics of the 1930s.”

In addition Bird Dog reminds me of the hilarious parodies to be found at the Scrapple Face website.

By all means, visit both Maggie’s Farm and Scrapple Face.

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  1. I'm proud to say that I never subscribed in the first place, if I may be permitted to boast about something LOL

    "...Unfortunately for Air America, their MSM allies aren't doing well either. NY Times stock hit a new low after their announcement that they are laying off 500 workers.

    "They too seem to be desperate for cash
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