The View From 1776

A Spiritual Stress Test

Exposure to the Gospel should be more than a feel-good Sunday experience.

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  1. The pastor's four tests are accurate and productive if applied to one's own life.

    I would hold the key point to be, 'Be Teachable,' as Number One - that makes all others possible, including additionally, Visionary skill, into an unknown future.

    Since human ignorance in each individual is so disproportionately extreme, and human knowledge, in reverse order, being teachable must be prime.

    The duality of Teachable and Faith are requisite to human growth and human progression. Present day junk science emphasizes 'facts' as reality, while speculation within the causal universe is highly selective, purposeful, and a delimited 'faith.'

    semper fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  02/26  at  11:21 AM
  2. It the LDS culture, we seem to be so busy all the time, but a lot of that time is being busy in the service of others. I started out being frustrated last night that I spent nearly three hours helping an older neighbor get his computer internet and ham radio software working. But by the time we were finished and it was working and I saw the smile of genuine gratitude on his face, I decided that it was worth it after all.

    BTW, the pastor's look into Peter's two sacrifices is very insightful. I hadn't thought about it that way. Thanks!
    Posted by Frank Staheli  on  02/28  at  06:33 PM
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