The View From 1776

A New Deal Frame of Mind

With our radical left-wing Congress setting forth on a mission to preserve and enlarge the welfare-state, it’s appropriate to review the arrogant destructiveness of their New Deal predecessors who created the welfare-state.

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  1. The neat thing about this blog is that it has no impact on the real world and thus its brad of righteousness has no effect on changing things to its more distorted, mean-spirited way of thinking.

    Having said that, carry on! Who knows, you may be able to change the world a little, tiny bit.
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  2. Mr. Airth,

    Your vitriolic way is somewhat entertaining, but it is often of very little substance. I encourage you to un-adhominize and attempt to add something to the debate.


    I agree that the left-wing congress is "on a mission to preserve and enlarge the welfare-state", but (especially more recently) this can also be said of those in Congress who associate themselves with the right wing. I decry them all as having a lack of understanding of the proper role of government, of healthy economics, and of encouraging people to love and respect each other rather than propagandizing them into splitting themselves up into rancorous classes.
    Posted by Frank Staheli  on  02/23  at  11:39 AM
  3. You are correct Frank that neither party is leading this nation in the right direction. I am afraid we are running out of time in the U.S. Socialism has cost us too much for too long and unlike Canada, that has its natural resources to fall back on, we have only a weak dollar, getting weaker, a service industry, a declining housing market and more government spending. We have 78 million ready to retire in the next 20 years and social security spending and Medicare spending will rapidly grow as they retire.

    Even the "North American Community" that is picking up steam won't help. Too many nations are starting to steer away from the dollar and move to the euro, gold and silver and other currency assets. However, they say this will still be a good year and that next year is the one we have to be concerned about. Others say the last half or last quarter of this year is the problem period.

    70 years of socialism have drained the nation. Better hang on because it may get bumpy for a few years if they are right.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  02/24  at  02:42 AM
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