The View From 1776

The Importance of Families

Why is preservation of traditional marriage, between a man and a woman, vital to preservation of a good political society?

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  1. The U.S. aborted 45 million and so now we are going to immigrate 67 to 100 million to replace them and the offspring they would have had. It should be interesting to see what impact 1/3 the current population's increase will be coming from other nations.

    What is even more important though, is that family units were the strength of the nation because that unit focused on learning the discipline needed to live together. Now, we focus more on people "doing their own thing," even when their "own thing" means abandoning their family responsibilities.
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  2. The natural human environment for each individual person is the family. There is no superior alternative. Any breakdown in primary quality at this level produces further ongoing breakdown in the sequential value of plural units to the neighborhood, and community, province, state, and nation - to the world itself! They are each made up of individuals spawned of a family.

    Collectivist socialism is error at its root by reserving human value (and non-value) to groups - and rejecting individual value. Such Luciferian logic failed the greatest IQ Test in the history of the universe - and elsewhere - it has ever been applied on earth. The Monday Morning Quarterbacks, never learn from history, giving the lie to a proclaimed pragmatism as having virtue.

    The family is the key realistic plural unit that gives validity to all other sequential plural units of human value and virtue. Even then, they are all made up of individuals.

    semper fidelis
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