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Immigration Remains a Hot Issue

Reader Lewis Lafontaine gives us his perspective.

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  1. We are also facing 67-200 million legal immigrants to replace the 78 million or 64% of the Private Sector employment of 122 million workers. We also have 22 million government employees or 1 in 6 for every private sector employee. Since some private sector jobs are for government needs, the number is actually something like 1 in every 4 workers has a job that is dependent on government.

    So, when those 78 million leave the work force, the remaining 36% are going to need a lot of help to pay for the rapidly growing social security and Medicare bills those seniors will rack up. And, since they are now expected on average to live to 100, that will be 33 to 38 years (age 62 to 67 retirement) they will be alive and not in the work force.

    Congress has used illegal immigration as a way around the low quotas we have but that will change with the new legislation. Either last year or the year before, the difference in inflows to the trust fund and outflows was about what illegal immigrants paid in with forged, stolen and false social security numbers. Believe it or not, many were using the number 000-00-0000 according to one article I read. It took the Social Security administration 6 to 12 months to notify the employer they had a bad number and then, they usually just asked them to get a "corrected number."

    Think of what 100 million will do to home prices (they do have to have a place to live), and highway construction(they will drive), and school construction (they have 3 or 4 kids), and hospitals (they do get sick) and government employment (they need police,fire, S.S. offices, welfare, city services), power plants (they will consume more power), etc.

    Hang on. It is going to be a very bumpy ride.
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