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Hispanic Bill Cosby

A prominent New York City Hispanic leader tells it like it is.

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  1. The most obvious factor denoted by both Mr. Badillo and Mr. Cosby is the hobbling effect of self-imposed collectivism of race and/or culture.

    The perpetuation of 'racism' by other so-called leaders is a major factor in parental acceptance of causes out-of-hand - and asserted non-responsibility.

    Measuring human value and potential by-the-group will always maintain racism - or any other variety of collectivism.

    Until parents (and others) teach (and exemplify) to the Reality of the Individual person and their unique value, the problems produced by collectivism will persist.

    Who are the 'leaders' maintaining a collective definition of black and Hispanic value, while claiming to represent their best interest?

    They are part of the cause of collective racism.

    They need to be toppled from their self-designed pedestal by those they claim to represent.

    Ever seen a group? Me neither. (It's a collectivist verbalization; not Reality)

    semper fidelis
    "Tell 'em, Sgt. Joe Goggens USMC!"
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  12/30  at  12:04 PM
  2. Hurrah for Padillo.
    There may be hope for the Hispanics. Just as the rise of common sense blacks raise hope for the rise of the blacks. Victimhood and reliance on the government will not solve their problems.
    Posted by Donald W. Bales  on  12/30  at  01:34 PM
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