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Constitutional Federalism vs Totalitarianism

As noted frequently in past postings, the unavoidable tendency of socialism is concentration of political power in the hands of a ruling elite who decide for the masses what their living and working conditions are to be.  This is called state-planning.

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  1. Care to comment then on all the socialist programs that the Republicans are supporting? I'm surprised you kept your post relatively free of blaming everything solely on the Democrats.
    Posted by Gary  on  12/27  at  08:03 PM
  2. Frequently I charge liberal Republicans, as well as liberal Democrats, with malfeasance. It is the abomination of socialism and its American sect called liberalism that is my target of my opprobrium.

    In no way do I support the pork-barreling and regulation-writing of Republicans over the past six years. That is just the continuation of FDR's servile state. Sarbanes-Oxley, for example, has, to no good effect, vastly increased the administrative costs of businesses, large and small, while driving security underwriting business out of our markets to Europe and Asia.

    Equally with the purely political corrosion of socialism I loathe the amorality of atheistic socialism, which is destroying our society and undermining the Constitution.
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  3. If you read the View much, Gary, you will see it covers issues and what is right and wrong. You rarely see a real promotion of any party since on many issues, neither party is leading. That may be due to the voters being split and buying into socialism enough in both parties, it is hard to get elected if you aren't at least "moderate." But, that doesn't mean the policies will work.

    Every policy by both parties is in use somewhere in the world and open for examination. The policies, like Ireland used for its turn around are only touched on by the GOP and almost totally rejected by the Democratic party which is now led by mostly open socialists who admit they are socialists or "progressives."

    Yet, look at the nations who are using the policies of both parties for taxes and see how poorly they are doing while nations with tax policies like those of Estonia, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, and others are creating booming economies. Ireland has had a "boom" for 20 years while we seldom go 4 years without a downturn.

    Don't look at parties, look at policies and who is using them around the world.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  12/29  at  12:53 AM
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