The View From 1776

Liberal Hypocrisy

Columnist Thomas Sowell spotlights the yawning gulf between liberal deeds and liberal pretensions of moral superiority.

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  1. A wise friend of mine told me once, "Don, if you are raising money for a worthy cause (he had raised money for King College), go to a conservative. He is likely to have money (maybe just local in this particular area of Upper East Tennessee), and he is likely to give you some. Liberals, if they have money, are unlikely to contribute any."
    This fits in with the article.
    I perceive that liberals want others, through taxation, to do what they see as compassionate.
    Was it compassionate to promote policies that facilitated single women's pregnancy, and destroyed the black family (and some white families as well)? Was it compassionate to promote policies that resulted in the deaths of forty million innocents? Was and is it compassionate to subject the poor (and more the black) to substandard schools and education? Is it compassionate to tell the blacks that they are victims? Or that they cannot possibly make it without "affirmative action?" That translates as different (lower) criteria for blacks and now Hispanics than for whites and Asians. Is it compassionate to promote the idea that sexual and other behavior cannot possibly be under the control of the person?
    Posted by Donald W. Bales  on  11/28  at  07:03 PM
  2. Liberals measure human value by the group - for any cause. It affords 'control' over people without personal compassionate responsibility.

    Their definition of human is neither individual or choice-oriented Liberty. Government 'wisdom' is granted humanistic sacredness and valueless authority unworthily.

    Their 'Monday-Morning Q. pragmatism' can never foretell what their wishful feelings indicate. As long as they run away from the only available Transcendent Criteria, they will continue to run their wood-burning feel-tanks on human bias and ego needs. In a sow-reap causal universe? Lotsa luck...

    I have yet to encounter a socialist who did not maintain a severe inferioriy-complex and appetite. Connection...

    semper fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  11/28  at  07:46 PM
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