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Canadian Kulturkampf

For a foretaste of what happens when a nation is riven by deep cultural divisions, look northward to Canada.  Their split between French Quebec and the rest of Canada is an analog of our struggle for the soul of the United States against the liberal jihadists.

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  1. This cultural divide you speak of is really not as disturbing as you think. It is like a difference of opinion. It is a discourse that keep a society vital, awake and alive. We are taking about a progressive, cosmopolitan energy that is changing the world. Reconciling the division is a sign of sophistication. It happens in America also but some people don't want to see it.

    In its cultural diversity Canada is a deacon for the world. It is the model to follow. Through diversity comes true harmony. In fighting it, as many here wish to do, one encourages deeper divisions that later are much harder to heal and repair.
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  2. If Canada is a deacon, I shudder to think of seeing a sinner.
    There was a lot of diversity in the Balkans. How did that work out?
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  3. Variety is built into nature. No two leaves, on no two trees are exactly alike. And, always at the individual level of Reality - the clearest elementary evidence that collectivism in every form is based on verbal forms of convenience - not actuality.

    Artificial 'diversity' is a man-made, foist-attempt on nature and relativist ignorant human observers. Won't go - won't work. Never has. Never will.

    No two human beings are exactly alike. Thus, societies ignore the fact at their sow-reap peril of nature's accurate Justice. What a Creator!

    semper fidelis

    P.S. Don't they have some 'nature' in Canada?
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  4. eacon
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  5. Canada is suffering and even considering abandoning some of the socialism as being too much of a drag on the economy.
    Canada seriously underperforms the USA in the main index and the strategy-ranking-component. The bottom line analysis is that Canada cannot compete in its overwhelmingly main market and manufacturing in particular is far behind the United States in productivity [chart middle]4. Strategically Canada faces a calamitous long term future if changes are not made. Relative Labour Productivity in Canada labor productivity compare US Canada us economic growth comparison trade gap

    This situation is seemingly unnoticed by mainstream Canadian economists who repeatedly claim that the economy is healthy and strong. In fact, much of Canada
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