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Truth vs Moral Relativism

The liberal media denounce Pope Benedict’s adherence to Biblical and historical truth as rigidity.  They want pragmatism and flexibility, which amounts to moral relativism.

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  1. While I hold major differences with Roman Catholic doctrine and 'tradition,' the Catholic leader is right to seek and hold to Scriptural fidelity compared with old humanistic opinion and temporary egoistic priorities of the flesh.

    Relativistic flexibility and pragmatism are not criteria or principle - they hold to a negation of any variety of mental tool of reason and a priori accuracy of choice. Western 'science,' itself, rests all too-gingerly on Standards in order to derive meaning and value - predictabilty - in their efforts.

    Pragmatism is a fraudulent concept which seeks value only from arbitrary results - not causes.

    Principle and Standard equip the human individual and society with a predictive capability. Anything less is purely unintelligent guesswork!

    Even with poor results, the liberal socialistic buffoon humanist ignores History in pursuit of collectivist systems that will 'hopefully' camouflage his rebellion against nature and nature's super-natural Creator, and free-up his carnal appetites with a flimsy self-justification based on self-preserved ignorance.

    Too often, tradition is simply preserved human error, and should be dealt with in terms of God's Word, the Scriptures of the Holy Bible.

    God has gifted us with Transcedent Criteria - which man the choice-maker cannot invent. Anything less is unintelligent, misleading, and destructive.

    Q: "What is man that You are mindful of him, or the son
    of man that You take care of him?" Hebrews 2:6
    A: "I have chosen the way of truth; your judgments I have
    laid before me." Psalm 119:30 "Let Your hand become my
    help, for I have chosen Your precepts."Psalm 119:173

    semper fidelis
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  2. The secular agenda REQUIRES moral relativism - do whatever makes you feel good - and don't worry about who may suffer because of it! College professors today rarely teach the subjects for which they are hired to teach....they are teaching THEIR OPINIONS - not the truth! Schools are teaching our children to revolt against parental control.
    Unless and until we rise up and fight back, we have no right to complain! Christianity, as stated in the article is NOT pragmatic - the Bible instructs us in the Word of God - we either accpet that and live our lives accordingly, or we don't! But if you live according to the secular agenda, do NOT call yourself a Christian! Because you are guilty of hypocrisy and leading others astray. And IF you lead others astray, you will find some not-so-pleasant surprises when you meet your Judge at the end of your time on earth!

    The Pope is criticized for being "rigid"? The Word of God is NOT flexible - it is unchanging and YOU as a human, have free will to accept or reject that Word! The JOY of living by the word of God is reward in itself. Selfishness and ignorance of evil is NOT Christian! No flexibility at all! In today's jargon, "Take it or leave it!"
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  3. Pragmatism and flexibility, like it or not, are the ways of the world. Moreover, it is the philosophy that made America. As doctrines go they are here to stay. The world without them would be fit only for a pious few.

    Contrary to what is believed by here and by The View, without those accommodating features civilization would have collapsed long ago. For instance capitalism/democracy wouldn't exist without pragmatism and flexibility.
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  4. You are still an Unqualified self-justifying make-up-history framer. America was not based on guess-work of humanists, but Principles of the Creator who can foretell results prior to choices. Most people (not socialists) learn from results.

    The Creator owns the causal chain. No surprises. Not even in your 'Canada Oh Canada.' Your confessed ignorance of Scripture boggles your 'feelings.' The mind is no better than its chosen criteria. "Got Criteria?" Psalm 119:1-176 too tough for an unworthy 'feely' Canadian? Yeah! ('Scuse me, Tom. I have to go puke.)

    Still an unlearning buffoon, eh. Sow-reap means perfect J|ustice. Heads up, little one!
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  11/27  at  06:03 PM
  5. The internet is wonderful in many respects. One thing it has done for me is harden me to criticism from the loony Right.

    And everytime the loony Right opens its mouth it discredits itself even more.
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  6. In your google-eyes, that is a compliment!
    Your 'hardening' is between your google-eyes, slow-learner. Enjoy your sow-reap experience: it is one dumb way to learn truth.

    Principle is superior, but, that is your own dumb choice.
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  11/29  at  04:04 PM
  7. Boys! Boys! Let's stop attacking each other and just tell the Lefty to go and read the TRUE American History. That is NOT the Bill of Rights represented behind the Justices on the Supreme Court! It is the Ten Commandments! Straight out of the Bible! If you doubt that, READ the Federalist Papers - they explain just what the Framers meant by the Constitution, etc. And it will affirm, in no uncertain terms, that this nation was founded upon Christian principles! - They left England because they wanted to get away from State mandated religion - so if you don't want to practice religion, that is YOUR right! But at the same time, you have NO RIGHT to attack US for practicing ours! Nor do you have any right to tell us we can't express our faith in public!
    That being settled - whether you on the Left wish to accept it or not, get back and read Mr. Brewton's columns with an OPEN mind - and try reading what he wrote - and NOT what you interpreted that he wrote!
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