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Cheap Labor: Slaves and Illegals

In a First Things commentary, Elizabeth Powers notes that the justification used for cheap immigrant labor, legal and illegal, is the same used for slavery before the Civil War: without the cheap labor, the economy would collapse.

She also notes the illogic of the sex-education rationale: you can’t stop kids from pre-marital sex, so teach them responsible sex.  What’s responsible, she asks, about sex outside of marriage?  Moreover, history belies the contention that kids will engage in pre-marital sex, no matter what.

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  1. Good Analogies. Even if not exactly the same, the parallels are structurally sound.

    Interesting that the crowd that bleats enlessly dire warnings about our irresponsibility to future generations (through polluting, global warming, consuming fossil fuels, nuclear wastes, species extinction, smoking, exploiting the untapped potential of poor people and countries, consumption, &c) is the same crowd now denying abortion and the illegal invasion have any bearing on our future or any relation to each other. If the one is relevant, then so must be the other; and moreso. If the concerns of ecology-minded social-engineering nanny-staters are of "possible" future relevance, then 1-1/2 generations of epidemic-scale abortion, invasion, and declared wars against us are in need of immediate recognition and response.

    Abortion can be said to affect future generations, but has seriously affected the present. Teens and twenty-somethings already remark: But for a mother's "choice", I would not be here. 1 in every 4 or 5 of their number are DOA, a sobering statistic to the young. Even more sobering to those of us who stood silent or impotent to stop it.

    The alien invasion similarly affects our future as well as the present, but unlike the warnings of supposed planetary despoliation, these effects are real, provable and immediate; and the time for stemming the damage is fast closing. Gang related crime in our cities are both quantitatively and qualitatively worse than we have known before. Gangs like MS13 and terrorists like Al Queda target our host society as much as prey on it. Muggings, drug trafficing, murders, rape, hostage takings, beheadings, and attacks on infrastructure are motivated as much by racial hatred as simple greed or fanaticism.

    The declared wars against us have been going on as long as we've had our freedom. The current wars we are fighting are against implacable enemies, convicted of their own versions of 'truth'. One is driven by a religion with a root-belief there is no success for it unless it supplants all other religions and dominates all human society with its rigid conventions. The other is driven almost entirely by race and by a conviction whites have no place in this continent and our society no relevance. They would have us driven out, not just demand an equal place among us; as many still suppose.

    These are the real and present challeges facing us.
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