The View From 1776

Without Faith There is No Hope

Islam needs no armies to overrun Europe.  The emptiness of Europe’s secular culture leaves Western Europeans unwilling to resist, unable to fight for their own survival.

With our liberal-progressive ethos, which is entirely atheistic and philosophically materialist, we will be next.

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  1. Simply, the Islamics will never take control our civilization because they don't have the capacity to run it. Civilization has come to far to be overwhelmed by their kind.

    Another thing, it is our liberal-progress ethos that will overwhelm them. It has overwhelmed the fundamentalist/conservatives of this page. Liberal-progressives are on the right track.
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  2. Correction in the second sentence - Civilization has not come this far........
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  3. That's what the Romans said too.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  11/01  at  09:31 PM
  4. This comment is posted for Hany-Adrian Dragan:

    As a Canadian citizen of European descent ( german-hungarian-romanian ) I am amazed on the stance that the EU has chosen these past months, especially it s position on Isreal and her right to defend herself agains Hezbollah. With a few exeption ( notably ROMANIA ) Europe has become so secularized that it faces a crisis of morality from which many other problems are going to occur. I have spoken with my german godmother from Berlin some months ago and she had a lot of worries, especially the drug problem with the youth. Faith is something Sacred that we must safeguard at all costs.Faith can be a changing factor that brings positive thinking, otherwise we are reduced to think that we are not different from animals.Faith is and was the driving factor for CIVILIZATION and I believe that the two are interconnected. Faith has and shall be the reason why we have ORDER. The Old Testament has given us so much in terms of culture and laws that it would be a mistake to disregard the sanctity of that fact. I do have respect for other Faiths as well and I can see some common ground between the different religions of this World. The Bible teaches us and nurtures us. And throughout the ages FAITH has proved to be the key to many problems. Conviction and living through the SPIRIT has made us capable of moving mountains. To deny that fact is to become a slave.
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  5. Hi wink
    oh... what unbalanced newz!
    what do U suppose about it?
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