The View From 1776

Dastardly Diversity

Diversity is another word battered beyond recognition by liberals and progressives.  Orwellian NewSpeak has made the word diversity into a bangalore torpedo to undermine the defenses guarding civilized society.

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  1. Diversity is prized as to race and as to language and culture, as long as it is not English or Christian culture.
    Diversity is scorned so far as diversity of opinion or values. Conservatives and Republican diversity is taboo on most campuses.
    The diversity regarding right and wrong is taboo also. There is no right and no wrong and every opinion and culture is just as good as any other except of course, free enterprise, capitalism and Christian values are not part of the diversity.
    If anyone wishes to read about my concerns about the U.S., click on and read the essay so entitled.
    Posted by Donald W. Bales  on  10/29  at  09:48 PM
  2. This comment is posted for Hany-Adrian Dragan:

    I came to the conclusion that we need to reassert our values. I am a 21 year old Canadian Citizen ( I spell it with a capital C because I truly believe that this Western concept should be honored because so many of our ancestors died to preserve that Idea.....The meaning of the word CITIZEN needs to be learned and teached especially in our so-called superior education system .) As A neighbour to the U.S, and a fellow conservative, I believe that Canada and the U.S face the same deep-rooted problems therefore I chose to express my opinions. I noticed the depth of the problem while I was in College, especially the fact that our youth has lost many great values ( values of Justice, Freedom and The Rule of Law ). I believe firmly in the MELTING POT CONCEPT and I see the problems Canada is facing because it has chosen multiculturalism instead ( EX: Sharia Law almost passed in Canada ). We should remain vigilant and learn from history( Roman Empire ) in order to realize that by choosing to embrace this ( NEW DIVERSITY ), we are setting the course for moral and social decay. I was left speechless when I saw crowds in my hometown of Montreal protesting against Isreal, but also came to realize a common denominator to describe the protesters, liberal-socialists. They preach Freedom,Diversity, Peace and Love while their moral( virtues )are guided by materialism and relativism. But the ABSOLUTE TRUTH remains that if they gain political and social power they will set the WAR OF ALL AGAINST ALL.
    I shall remain vigilant and shall continue my struggle to unite Canadians and Americans ( of all colors and nationalities ) for a NEW WORLD ORDER that shall be based on the Rule of Law, Virtue and Meritocracy.
    May Divine Providence guide our actions.
    Hany-Adrian Dragan
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