The View From 1776

Democrats’ Deadly Political Strategy

A time-table for near-term pullout in Iraq, the Democrats’ central political issue, panders to the worst aspects of human character and unnecessarily costs the lives of American military personnel.

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  1. I guess caring about your country also means being blind and dumb to reality. It also must mean that you follow leaders who lie to you. It also means following sheep over a cliff.

    However there is a great dilemma involved here because even I know that if you don't show a face of solidarity you can be playing into the hands of the enemy. But in showing that solidarity one can also be making things worse and worse. It is not only Democrats that understand that.

    Before anything can be done or changed for the better the Commander in Chief has to been removed from the process. He is a major obstacle. Much of the enemy is responding directly to the presence of him.
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  2. Yes, they die dead very very well.

    Kerry would have had them all over to the Red House for Ivy League Kissie Burgers. And, Patty Cake in the Parlor.

    And, sensitive moments on the carpet. And, checking the night-light in the sky for a moon-god or three.

    What is a good alternative to Courage? Talk? Words? Cowardice? Nada. Back to Canada.

    The American Way is the way.

    Semper Fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  10/29  at  12:10 AM
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