The View From 1776

Democrats Lost on the Path to Truth

It doesn’t really matter if you stray from the truth in the liberal-socialist and pragmatic world of atheistic rationalism. 

Liberals now are in the driver’s seat for the Democratic party, and, for them, all that counts is winning at any cost.  In the philosophy of pragmatism, the end (final supplanting of the Constitution with an all-embracing socialist welfare state) justifies any mendacity.

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  2. Was the Geneva Convention intended to apply to uniformed soldiers of a country. Was it supposed to cover ununiformed combatants not the agent of any recognized country?
    Should POW's of uniformed armies have the same rights as U.S. citizens?
    I believe that "No" is the proper answer to both those questions.
    As to expecting reciprocity from radical Islamists-have you ever seen any evidence of such a behavior?
    My Oxford dictionary has the following definitions of it.
    1. Officiousness; pedantry
    2. Matter of fact treatment of things 1972
    3. A method of treating history in which the phenomena are considered with special reference their causes: antecedent conditions, and results, and to their practical lessons 1884
    4. Philosophical: The doctrine that the whole meaning of a conception expresses itself in practiczl consequences.
    It is not clear which of these, if any, are the meaning given to pragmatic in the previous discussions.
    Is pragmatism practice limited to democracy?
    Democracy is a term that means different things to different people. I thought it meant "rule by the people." What we see in most countries considered to be "democracies" are representative governments or republics. Even the Greek city states were not really ruled by the demos-females and slaves and non-citizens had no say.
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  3. Democracy is "rule by the people". It is government by the people, for the people and of the people. But to be pragmatic about it the people elect individuals to represent them in government because it would be impractical and chaotic for all the people to be part of government and have a say.

    I would say that pragmatism is limited to democracy. It was born of democracy. Pragmatism is overall a mutually beneficial policy, one that could not exist but in a democracy.
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  4. Democracy, as a form of government, always fails. That is why the Founders of the greatest nation in the history of the world, the United States of America, was founded a Republic.

    A Constitutional Republic, based on Individual value and Rights, States Rights, and Freedom, has the greatest opportunty and liklihood to grow, creatively progress, and survive.

    The greater personal Liberty afforded, the greater creative potential - and the greater potential for crime is available.

    Thus, Liberty and Freedom obligate the citizenry to seek the highest personal and national criteria for human behavior. Failing thus, a Constitutional Republic cannot survive.

    Because humanistic liberalism cannot invent standards greater than themselves, they base their trust on an egoistic view, as in the case of an opportunistic Bill Clinton. Such a view is totally inaccurate since he is not the center of anything - and never was.

    Amd, dear reader, neither are you or I.

    If a Republic is not supported by an ethical, moral, and legal society of self-directed individuals defining values by Transcendent Criteria, it will fail - and be replaced by a government of total coercion and oppression - based on false definitions of humankind.

    Your vote is your daily choice and conduct of life's opportunities. Are you making it count? Or are you on the road to a wasted life like Bill Clinton?

    Semper Fidelis
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  5. Bill Clinton merely reflected or acted on the values of the society from which he came. He is responsible for much bad, but he did not originate it.
    I will say that he made oral sex more acceptable and now we have high school with gonococcal pharygitis.
    He is a product of a dysfunctional family and a part of the student revolt 1960's behavior.
    If any one wants to read what I wrote about the Clintons, go to
    It is no. 13 of 70 essays on my web page.
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  6. Choicemaker,

    Please tell us of one democracy that has failed.
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  7. France. How many republics have they had-five. Two emperors. A couple of monarhies since their revoltuion in the late 1700's. Had to be rescued by the U.S. twice in the last century.
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  8. Donald,

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  9. Germany: Hitler was appointed by an elected government. Was the Weimar Republic a success. Myb it didn't fit your idea of a democracy, but they did have an election. And nothing the Nazis did was against German law.
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  10. What about Germany and France as democracies today? They are back and better. So technically they didn't fail in democracy but floundered prior to WWII.

    But is what Germany and France have politically before WWII really democracy? Nevertheless, if we measure democracy as something that stated after WWII for countries like Germany and France, democracy has not failed there nor in any other country that has followed the democracy route since.
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  11. Normally it is against my professional-educator principles to perform the children's homework. However, the demo-socialists and form-fans demonstrate a degree of ignorance that requires an initiative of direction. The student can do further research. They won't necessarily.

    The Current 2006 list of failed democratic governments includes (but is/will not be limited to):

    Haiti, Afghanistan, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Chad, Zimbawe, Somalia, and Cote d'Ivoire.

    Recommended Reading
    Democracy: The God That Failed by Hoppe

    Semper Fidelis

    P.S. Few humans merely "reflect," but all humans choose for themselves from available options. Clinton chose trash. (Still "IS.") Freedom was not designed to be a license for mediocrity - and worse. His choices...
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  10/02  at  11:18 AM
  12. "Haiti, Afghanistan, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Pakistan, Chad, Zimbawe, Somalia, and Cote d
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  13. If one changes the criteria about anytning, it is impossible to discuss the facts.
    One could say that France and Germany were not true democracies since they failed.
    With people who use such arguments one can never win. It is like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland.
    Posted by Donald W. Bales  on  10/02  at  04:57 PM
  14. Those who are not teachable can never be Leaders. Leaders lead by possessing qualties that more than overtake their honest errors and human failures. They are manly self-correctors. Each human should be teachable, since their knowledge is shoe-box sized, and their ignorance is matched by the extent of the univers.

    Unlike pragmatist "Monday Morning Quarterbacks, a true Leader increases growing knowledge with criteria, which upon prior application defines value/nonvalue and consequences of choice into an unknown future. It is Transcendent Criteria that cannot be invented by man, bungling as he is in his ego-centered self. Pragmatists can only appreciate value and non-value at the end of the Alpha-Omega process. There is no wisdom available to him at the causal end of the process - only "Monday Morning" effects - if even then. Thus, is born the critic's singular 'feelings' and clunky skill, Omega style. Worthless. They can never tell when the process concludes - or is still actually 'in process' in the middle. Transcendent Criteria always works far superior to pragmatism. Always. Thereby, only true Leaders possess quality visionary insight. Pragmatic followers lack. Like Bill Clinton, they are without excuse.

    The liberal socialist lacks the reasoned support of nature's non-neutral laws of nature. They are not "in league with the stones of the field." Job 5:20-23

    Semper Fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  10/02  at  06:01 PM
  15. It takes time to learn democracy, just like it takes time to learn the ways of life. But also you have to have the right components to do democracy and not everybody has them. A country like Haiti certainly doesn't and perhaps never will.
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  16. Anyway, Donald, was there ever a criteria set out about what a democracy should represent, be or include? There is no real yard stick as to what constitutes a democracy. Sure, there are certain fundamentals that should be in place. But, more, democracy's successes depends on the interaction of specific and special components which are not so easy to discern or determine.
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  17. That is the same fairy tale the evolutionists have erectedm to dodge responsibility to their Creator.
    They are still dodging (read: patty-cake) a First Cause. Small wonder they cannot come up with a valid political entity.

    A creature, possessing a natural endowment of the Creator and His Laws, need learn very little to perceive his identity and natural makeup. A valid political opinion must be based on a higher, more accurate definitive in the nature of the being, to have lasting validity and success.

    Fairy tales have replaced the definitive principles of Mr. Jefferson, in the responsible lexicon of the humanist/liberal/socialist/demo, ever since they discarded his wisdom (criteria).

    Pragmatist 'Quarterbacks;' they need to wait til Tuesday or April... They are without excuse. Joel 3:14 kjv

    Semper Fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  10/03  at  10:15 AM
  18. Too many human beings are confused by early assumptions of true/false experiences, and seducing opinion of the elite; the all-wise, older members of their youthful days.

    Lacking exposure to superior alternative opinion for days and years after, they measure their opinion by the previous indoctrination of the prior teaching.

    Inflexibility is an act of faith and difficult to overcome - even in the face of history and superior confrontations of personal experience.

    Each human being is obliged to continue to grow and continually reexamine their assumptions and mindless faith.

    A worthy faith can handle examination and reexamination. Mere human opinion cannot.

    A political system based on human opinion is faulty. A political system founded on nature and nature's God and His opinion is not.

    Each individual must be willing to examine the Creator's offerings - and choose. Each person is answerable for each choice - based on ignorance and/or knowledge. (The self-imposed variety is inexcusable.)

    A good start is to examine what we each determine to be true. Discard self-interest portions. Examine the surviving principles and seek their Author. There are Laws of Human Nature as there are Laws of Nature.

    Your basic student equiptment should include a thirst for truth. If you start with politics you will end with politics: nowhere.

    "Got criteria?" Psalm 119:1-176 Much of it will be "over your head." Stick with it.

    It is better to aim at the top of the mountains and land in the foothills than to aim at a hole in the ground and hit it!

    Semper Fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  10/03  at  10:59 AM
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