The View From 1776

Socialism Marches On

Socialist political states are all about control, from the top down.  This makes them inherently vulnerable to dictatorship, as we saw in Soviet Russia, Fascist Italy, National Socialist Germany, and in Mao’s Red China.

Such states exhibit another worrisome potential: imperialism.

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  1. That brings to mind the following quote:
    "The greatest trick that the devil ever pulled was convincing you that he didn't exist."
    Didn't socialists claim that socialism is completely against imperialism? Of course, unless it's on their terms.
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    Benjamin Franklin
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  3. I intuit that the Nixon/Kissinger theory that "as China's economy Westernizes its government will follow" is a better theory than isolation q.v. N.Korea. This will hopefully show up as China's economy grows like an amoeba - quickly at first, then stops as the lack of advanced systems makes further growth impossible.

    Regarding US savings: the economics term "savings" doesn't include homes, stock or other financial instruments if memory serves - I'm having trouble finding good credible definition right now. It sounds like "savings" is limited to passbook savings, maybe CDs. They hardly make enough to cover taxes and inflation. Who in their right mind wants savings?

    If the commies want war, we can stop buying their goods, disregard their patents, and reneg on our debt to them. Big deal.
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