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Learning How to Think

Progressive educators today proudly declare that they don’t warp students’ minds by teaching specific bodies of knowledge, by teaching to the test; they teach students how to think.  That concept is a meaningless and dangerous abstraction.

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  1. An obvious lack, especially in public schools and indoctrination-oriented universities, is the area of Principle. Since the mind can think no higher in quality, sequence, or application than criteria utilized, logic and meaning fail.

    Small wonder a young generation of relativists; hopeless and meaningless, is arriving on the scene - thanks to a generation of too many abdicating adult examples, prideful in their rebellion against history and history's God. The only-God of superior criteria for choicemaking in Freedom. They reject quality but cannot come up with a better alternative. (It is not possible.)

    The human condition, hobbled in the carnal-ego, cannot do any other, unless it grows up and out, and the ego is displaced by the only worthy center of existence, the Lord, in whose image we were created. Think and choose wisely. Joel 3:14 selah

    semper fidelis
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  2. Can anyone be trusted or expected not to put his or her own interpretation of data to fit his or her point of view? Can anyone not be biased? Everyone has parents or other caring adults (otherwise the child would not survive) around during their formative years. This association is bound to have an effect-either positive in that the child will follow the attitudes and beliefs of the adult or will rebel and go the other way. In any case, the child has been influenced. Who can be truly fair and balanced? A person tends to record and use those facts that buttress his or her point of view and ignore those that counter it. Ideally one would try to get the facts and then make a logical conclusion.
    All opinions are not equal-some are wrong and some are right. All ideas or cultures are not equal.
    Again some are better and some are worse.
    I will show my bias-there is the United States and then there are all the rest. I am well aware of the flaws in the U.S. The world may not approve of the U.S., but it must be rather good since so many vote with their feet-and their lives-to try to get into it.
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  3. Since man cannot invent criteria greater than himself, he would do well to look into the Creator-made standards which are the basis of Western civilization and the USA: legal, moral, and ethical.

    A few years ago a prominent humanist said that the ten commandments should be replaced. (He inferred they have a 'hobbling effect' on human behavior. Would to God that it were more so.) There have been no volunteers to replace even one of the ten!

    Semper Fidelis
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