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Question of the Day - August 24, 2006

If the New York Times and Al Gore can declare “case closed” on their agendas by invoking the opinion of “all of the world’s scientists,” what are we to make of astronomers’ recent decision, after nearly a century of unchallenged opinion by all the world’s scientists, that Pluto is no longer to be classified as a planet?

Melting of Greenland’s glaciers is cited by “all of the world’s scientists,” according to the Times and Mr. Gore, as irrefutable evidence that so-called greenhouse gases will destroy the planet.  What then are we to make of the recently published research findings by Danish scientists at Aarhus University?

Quoting from the AFP news article:

“Greenland’s glaciers have been shrinking for the past century, according to a Danish study, suggesting that the ice melt is not a recent phenomenon caused by global warming.

” Danish researchers from Aarhus University studied glaciers on Disko island, in western Greenland in the Atlantic, from the end of the 19th century until the present day.

“This study, which covers 247 of 350 glaciers on Disko, is the most comprehensive ever conducted on the movements of Greenland’s glaciers,” glaciologist Jacob Clement Yde, who carried out the study with Niels Tvis Knudsen, told AFP.

“..... The shrinking of the glaciers since the 19th century is “the result of the atmosphere’s natural warming, following volcanic eruptions for example and greenhouse gases, created by human activities, which have aggravated the situation further,” he said.”

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  1. quote:
    "Greenhouse gases" in Earth's atmosphere also influence Earth's temperature, but in a much smaller way. Human additions to total greenhouse gases play a still smaller role, contributing about 0.2% - 0.3% to Earth's greenhouse effect.

    Major Causes of Global Temperature Shifts

    (1) Astronomical Causes

    * 11 year and 206 year cycles: Cycles of solar variability ( sunspot activity )
    * 21,000 year cycle: Earth's combined tilt and elliptical orbit around the Sun ( precession of the equinoxes )
    * 41,000 year cycle: Cycle of the +/- 1.5
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  2. The View asks "What are we to make of astronomers
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  3. What we are to make is that "science" is imperfect when in the hands of "man." In the hands of God, science is perfect.

    We find the "absolute" truths to be consistant. What we find inconsistant and harmful are "relative" values and truths. Does that mean we have "no choice" by recognizing the "absolutes?" Of course not. We still have "choice" in how we deal with an "absolute." What we often do with that choice, however, is not in our best long term intrests but often can be satisfying in the short term. Also, some mistake all the "laws" for the Jewish people as "Christian absolutes." However, the real absolute is "God's will" for each person based on some "absolute basics" that we learn as we study the Bible and God's will. For example, as Christians we are under the "new Covenent" which maintains the core teachings and "Will" of God for all men but also realize God may call one to be a minister and another a CEO who conducts his business in an ethical manner providing jobs for thousands. But, both the minister and the CEO are to respond to God's Will at all times and how His Will applies specifically to them.

    There no excuses for "unethical" behavior but, what is "ethics?" It is not based on the culture or nation or society you are in. It is only based on God's Will. What may be "ethical" to a society may not please God and if we learn anything from History, the wrath of God against a nation that is "unethical' by His standards is what we have to fear more than the wrath of our fellow citizens.

    When I was in police work, I used ethical methods. I had a 99% conviction ration, made more arrests than the entire department combined and yet, never got hurt or had to hurt the people I arrested. Yet, the Police Dept. felt I was too nice.

    I got every accomodation, award, community recognition but, still I was too nice. The other officers didn't violate the law and rules of conduct the department had, but I didn't view all of what they did as "ethical" because they didn't treat people they were arresting with the respect an "innocent" person deserves. Are they not "innocent until proven guilty?" Yet, we as "humans" often "judge" the person before they ever reach court. It is one thing to "judge" behavior and another to "judge" the person.

    Our system of Justice was designed to "judge behavior" and not the person. Even persons we "executed" for henious crimes, the execution was for the beahvior and we didn't condemn the "person" to "eternal death" because only God can do that. We had no way of "judging" the person and whether they were going to accepted by God or not for eternity. In fact we usually tried to provide the people sentenced to death ample time to "get right with God."

    Science is what we use to determine guilt. We use fingerprint analysis and handwriting analysis based on "scientific principles." Yet, we have seen flaws in either the evalutation or gathering of "evidence" because anytime "man" is involved in the "analysis" just as we see with this "planet,"

    What this proves is that all the "facts" from Gore and others is suspect. As the site I listed, points out, man is so insignificant in the "long term" trend of the earth's climate, that while we are to be "responsible" and change the things we can and which we find are damaging, the idea we will stop an 18,000 year warmning trend before the earth itself is ready to stop it is unreasonable.

    The earth was warming when their were zero emission from man. The earth cooled when the emission from man were huge as the result of just one volcanic eruption. That doesn't mean we should do something about the less than 1/2 of one percent we contribute but much of what we need to do helps us, but not the climate in general. Acid rain around industrial areas that don't experience acid rain that is produced by volcanos, should be eliminated. That acid rain can cost us in lost productivity of agriculture and timber and cause health problems with "runoff."

    Yet, the acid rain from volcanos will never be stopped. Nor will the global warming and global cooling that both can result from volcanos. What we make of this is the fallibility of man and how we must keep questioning what man does because even when "man" thinks he is carrying out the "Will of God," he may be in error and that is why we have to keep going back to the original source of "Wisdom," God and his word.
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  4. You had to bring God into it.
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  5. God is in everything according to our founders. After all, we are a nation under God with all of us under a Constitution with God in it.

    However, there are secular benefits to the principle from the Bible that our nation was founded on and our founders believed very strongly in those principles which is why there is so much religious history to our government.

    If you want to not believe in God, that is fine but how do you get around the common sense of those principles the founders believed in.
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  6. quote from Firewall
    Interesting place, good design, I appreciate it, gentleman.

    The View From 1776 does provide a chance to discuss things and debate. Hope you enjoy the work Mr. Brewton has done. (Sorry I don't speak your beautiful language and had to use a translator)
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  12/19  at  05:46 PM
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