The View From 1776

Christian Service Is Not Theocracy

If religious Jews and Christians are true to the Bible, liberals need have no fear of theocracy.  We are instructed to think of helping other people, as individuals, not to create a police state that compels behavior.

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  1. The Judeo-Christian premise made possible the Declaration (and Constitution) of 1776. Its productivity established Individual Value and a representative government, Republic, far superior to any in human history: Freedom to choose for all peoples. Worthy of conservation.

    The history of humanism is inaccurate definitions of humankind and their rotten fruit of tyranny, oppression, mediocrity, and death.

    What is a reasonable and historic fear source? Humanism of any variety.

    Slow learners line up to the Left of Center - and the Right of Center.
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  2. There is an ugly piety that can come with people wearing their religion on there sleeves. That is why the rest of us want to keep it from taking too great a grip in the running of government.
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  3. I can't resist pointing out that what is "ugly piety" to Mr. Airth is not so to the majority of our citizens. However much Mr. Airth may dislike expressions of Christian faith, that gives him no right whatsoever to ban those expressions, unless he can demonstrate direct, tangible harm being done to him personally (not some vague class reaction).

    I find Mr. Airth's views on socialism to be repulsive. And those views have long since, as he puts it, taken "too great a grip in the running of government." But that gives me no right to demand that he recant his views or cease to express them.

    The views I advocate came with the founding of the very first colonies and continued as the dominant views until the advent of the socialist New Deal. In as much as the majority continues to hold those views, what is the source of legitimacy for Mr. Airth and others of his mind to waltz onto the scene and demand that the majority change its practices to suit them?
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  4. I haven't waltzed onto any scene and demanded that the majority change its practices as Mr. Brewton accuses me. As far as I am concerned the majority is with me. The majority thinks that the New Deal was good for America, and liberating. It leveled the playing field. It saved capitalism from destroying itself. It made capitalism saver for the common man. Without it America would have reverted to an earlier century. Perhaps, though, that is what The View has in mind when it attacks the New Deal.

    Why doesn't The View ever attach Theodore Roosevelt and his policies. He was the first to go after big business and in the process consolidate more power for the government. His administration was the precursor for The New Deal.
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  5. Mr. B.,

    See what I mean about "not doing his own homework?"
    Why waste your time on such dolts of self-imposed ignorance?

    Make it count! Address the continuing need for non-manmade criteria to those whose 'feelings' and thoughts are not in chains self-done.

    Make it count! Well done!
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  07/27  at  06:17 PM
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