The View From 1776

Theocracy and Liberal Paranoia

Liberals express fear of an imagined conspiracy to impose a brutal Christian theocracy upon the nation.  Ironically, Christians and religious Jews are subjected to a real liberal jihad that claims the prerogative to ban expressions of their faith outside the closed doors of homes and religious meeting places.

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  1. Monday evening into Tuesday morning, a nationwide radio program ("Coast to Coast AM") will discuss the "illegal immigration issue." Guests are Jerome Corsi and James Gilchrist

    and respectively.

    It promises to be a lively 2-3 hours. site has local broadcast times under "Affiliates" and "Help" buttons on its home page.

    People with questions are invited to call in. The radio program is eclectic, and has the largest nighttime radio audience in the world, typically ranging from 5-10 million in the U.S.

    This issue touches upon many others, as the future goverance of the U.S. may likely be modified, either via producing a "red-blue tipping point" of more left-leaning Democratic voters (per e.g. Mexican immigration and naturalization), or perhaps even via a "North American Union."

    In the latter case, the nwo types would likely prefer fewer Constitutional restraints on rulership, and Mexicans and Canadians would have to be educated to recognize the virtues of the truly "greatest generation" on the Continent, that of the political genius and Godly inspiration of George Washington, John Adams. James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and the other founders and signers.

    As such awareness is not likely to be instaurated in this moderne timing, the immigration issue at its more extreme becomes the successful tool functionally able to deconstruct the United States of America, and the Constitutional liberties and guarantees so afforded us, the last best hope for a free world.


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