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Apologies for Unexpected Page Rendering

Viewers have informed me that, in Internet Explorer for Windows (at least one of the versions), the text for postings is centered, rather than left-justified.

They also tell me that this problem doesn’t occur in Opera, another Windows browser.

Nor does it occur on my Macintosh in Internet Explorer, Safari, OmniWeb, Firefox, or Camino.

If you notice other problems with rendering of the web pages, it will be helpful if you can email a description to me, together with what operating system and browser you are using and the versions thereof.

In any case, I am struggling to discover a CSS coding work-around to deal with Microsoft’s quirks.  In the meantime, please accept my apologies.

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  1. You are so right, Mr. Brewton!
    The parallels between big government and big business are too obvious to ignore.
    I noticed this sinister movement toward corporate fascism several years ago when the post offices started giving away free startup disks for AOL. I went to the postmaster and said: I want to advertise MY business here too. How do I go about that?
    He said he didn't think that would be possible. I said: it shouldn't be possible for any business to get a free ride on the backs of the taxpayers.
    But this trend is growing in America: AA got a tax payer boost right after 911. Before that Lee Iacoca got a federal bailout for GM. In myriads of ways, our government is grooming some businesses and dooming others.
    Posted by Don Laigle  on  07/02  at  08:10 AM
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