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Al Gore and the Da Vinci Code

Al Gore’s messianic certainty that our planet will perish without his guidance is a modern example of gnosticism.

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  1. We need the Al Gores of this world and their versions of gnosticism. These people warn us about the possible catastrophes that can befall us. In the past we had the likes of Thomas Malthus who told us that the food production of the time was not sufficient enough to sustain the world's growing population. Agriculturists heeded his words and improved food growing techniques. Another gnostic, Rachel Carson, made us aware that chemically we were ruining the planet. Because of her insight we have lessened our pollution.

    Throughout history we've listen to economists who have been right in their dismal predictions and we have adjust our ways accordingly. Al Gore will have this effect on us. Sure, there are crackpot gnostics out there. But I am quite certain Al Gore is not one of them. Perhaps it is his enthusiasm that disturbs The View.
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  2. Mr. Airth:

    You are again using fiction as history.

    Thomas Malthus's famous hypothesis that humanity was doomed to starvation, because population increases geometrically, while the food supply increases only arithmetrically, was the impetus for Thomas Carlyle's calling economics the dismal science.

    You imply that farmers were led by Malthus's Gore-like prognostication to develop more productive agricultural techniques, that without Malthus's dire prediction the world would indeed have starved. From this you deduce that scare mongers like Mr. Gore serve a useful public purpose,

    Your version of history is, however, inaccurate by roughly 160 years. Malthus wrote his essay in 1798. As recently as the 1960s the UN's nearly always totally off-the-mark crew of Marxian economists was solemnly assuring us that the whole world faced starvation because of overpopulation.

    In fact, the opposite has been true: there is a world wide surplus of agricultural production arising from the so-called Green Revolution. The latter came about as a result of investment by private companies to produce new and better varieties of seeds, plants, synthetic chemical fertilizers, and improved growing techniques.

    Your citation of Malthus therefore contradicts your contention that we need people like Mr. Gore.

    Add Mr. Gore's hypothesis to the UN's solemn assurance in the 1970s that we faced another ice age, and it becomes clear that liberalism produces, not science, but scientism.

    Liberals are guilty of what socialist Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., characterized as an illegitimate use of free speech, endangering public safety by falsely shouting "Fire!" in a crowded theatre.

    Tom Brewton
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  3. Mr Brewton,

    You didn't say anything about or against Rachel Carson. Did she also shout "Fire" in a crowded theatre? Ironically, she did. However, because of her concern for the environment, rivers in America are cleaner and stocked with fish.
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  4. Mr. Airth:

    Thanks for raising the question about Rachel Carson.

    As a matter of fact, she is principally responsible for the death of millions of people in Africa and Asia since the appearance of her "Silent Spring" in the 1960s. Hers is another typical liberal scare-mongering piece of slipshod scientism.

    Research since that time has proved that DDT poses no significant risks to animal or human health. But whipping up worldwide hysteria to pull it off the market entirely permitted resurgence of deadly malaria all over the world where it had been eradicated by DDT in the 15 years or so before her book.

    Tom Brewton
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