The View From 1776

Free-market Competition is Barbarism?

Senator Charles Schumer opposes lower prices for consumers, if they are set by the free-market.

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  1. It all derives from a couple of fundamental definitions and assumptions.

    1. Does government exist, by human consent, to maintain a healthy environment for free choicemakers, or

    2. Do people exist to follow the orders and directions of an all-wise government and retarded-to-match bureaucracy?

    Number One would apply to human beings, properly defined, while Number Two applies to ants, bees, and any masses of humans who choose to believe in socialism and its definitive of human nature.

    November is election month. How do you 'feel'/or think and vote your self-definition? Choicemaker or ant?

    Causal nature and nature's God are observing. There will be results. Amen
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  06/23  at  06:48 PM
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