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Gasoline Price-Gouging?

Oil companies are not, as angry consumers believe, generating higher profits by gouging at the gasoline pump.  Demanding that your political representatives impose windfall taxes or price controls will guarantee even higher pump prices long into the future.

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  1. Quote -"One legacy of New Deal socialism is the now unquestioning assumption that the Federal government can and ought to fix whatever problems come our way, rather than allowing the ingenuity of millions of individuals to find accommodations and solutions.
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  2. For once, I agree (for the most part) with Brewton. The proposals from Congress for the $100 gas rebate or the temporary repeal of the federal gas tax are simply ludicrous and would be risible if they didn't expose such a profound lack of leadership and vision from our elected leaders.

    However, I think everyone agrees that oil companies' vast profits recently are indeed windfall profits, which is to say, they arose from external conditions outside the oil companies' control, not from the oil companies' hard work or investment or risk-taking. Therefore, I don't think that windfall taxes are necessarily a bad idea.
    Posted by the Judge  on  05/01  at  02:41 AM
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