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Hillary Wants Fascist Corporatism

In her recent address to the Economic Club of Chicago, Senator Hillary Clinton advocated a version of the New Deal’s state-corporatism that was patterned on Mussolini’s fascist Italy of the 1920s.

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  1. Right to the point, Tom
    Posted by bird dog  on  04/24  at  07:14 AM
  2. The last paragraph contains the full import and confessional of every collectivist opinion that has ever come down the pike: individual value and personal private choice are worth zero.

    The mass, ruled by an all-wise government agency, ruled by a political genius, will tell people-by- the-pound what to do and what not-to-do.

    Government-orchestrated "collaboration"
    was necessary because "the principle of
    private (individual) initiative could only
    be useful" in the service of national
    interest as defined by government bureau-

    There are only individuals. Groups are merely verbal conveniences - not Reality. In truth, it is an I.Q. Test no socialist can pass. selah

    semper fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  04/24  at  08:43 AM
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