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Easter:  Time for Anti-Christian Propaganda

The news splash about the Gospel of Judas is another example of the mainstream liberal media’s carefully timing front-page “news” that is years old in order to achieve maximum anti-Christian public opinion impact.

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  1. Come on. If you bothered to investigate the story behind the Gospel of Judas, you'd see that, contrary to what the conspiracy theorists say, it was not "dusted off" to stir up controversy. The gospel was discovered 30 years ago, but by the time it landed in scholars' hands, it was literally in thousands of pieces. It took years of work to reconstruct and translate it, and results were just released a couple of weeks ago. Go to the National Geographic Society website for an interesting discussion (and look at the actual codex). No one is making a big deal of it except Steve Kellmeyer, and as far as I can tell, all he's doing is trying to sell his book. Don't you think that the discovery of an original 1700-year old document that scholars and ecclesiasts have known about but never actually seen is newsworthy in its own right?
    Posted by the Judge  on  04/13  at  08:38 AM
  2. Why do those who claim to be followers of Jesus spend so much time dealing with human opinion about God's word? Are not such doings akin to the Mosaic Error? HumanISM.

    Any individual who acknowledges an ignorance that goes beyond the furthest reaches of the universe, and a knowledge that might fit comfortably into a size 9 shoebox, knows he walks and talks by faith.

    Read the Word, pray and meditate, and choose to receive the wisdom and choice-making guidance of God by His Holy Spirit.

    semper fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  04/13  at  12:18 PM
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