The View From 1776

Scientific Research: Maybe it is Salaries

Reader Frank Madarasz provides more insights into the problem confronting the United States.

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  1. Bravo...I have been saying for a while that the US is out of production of anything except hot air and behavioral dictates!!! Coming from Ivory Tower Headquarters here in Madison..we no longer produce any "widgets"...the mandate from the Gov. is to produce more acadamia to support the RFP's (counterfeit coins of the realm) to support the government to support the "lifestyle" they have so become accustomed to.
    All to create more "junk scientists" to "prove" their pet projects.
    If we are to be in a global economy, truly global-the USA had better start producing something the rest of the world really wants. Not just our overbloated buearacrats "way of thinking". Not just the USA's attitude that "we know what's best for you". Not just the not justifiable R&D expense accounts/lifestyles/retirement funds/never ending circle of eating itself up.
    Profit is not a dirty word. Production is not a dirty word. As long as it is profit derived from production of a product-not behavioral junk science engineering.
    I am more proud of my husband working in a factory producing food for this great country than I am of myself, in a state government job (granted I produce protection and freedom with what I do-but I am alone in that way of thinking in my unit-and at the end of the day I see no product in hand).
    I thank you for "listening"
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